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Ready in 15 years

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Yeah I agree with that, I'm all for mystery and surprise and happy to be tricked but there is usually a time limit to these things and this ran out a while back

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It can't replace real life and should not try to. I don't want to live in a technocracy or false reality. It's bad enough now with children addicted to screens. No one can police the Internet and it's free they shouldn't but that comes with its own problems and dangers

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Xb do not create or innovative they cash grab and wreck franchises, over promise and under deliver. I hold zero hope for good new iterations of any franchise they choose to resurrect

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I love ND and they will never be as bad as rockstar but they do take their time with games and especially leaving out mp in tlou2 no news, updates or anything seems poor to me. I understand if it's not ready then what can you do but it's always painful waiting.
At least it was interesting when they started teasing the first last of us, with images and little bits of info

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Nothing wrong with digital but it's not for me, I also buy games on sale, lend them out and pick up used copies here and there, changing a disc is a non argument

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The integrity these days of "journalists" is in short supply, talk about pushing agendas.

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If you enjoy the titles you mentioned,

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Exactly but fans don't want to accept this, I get Netflix pay a low fee then I get bored and cancel especially in summer when I'm out more than in.
I look for deals on subs and cancel when the prices goes up or there is nothing that interests me. Why would you sub all year, plus I prefer to own games and not rent

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You sound personally upset by all of this, are you feeling OK as a human?
You shouldn't be so upset over a hobby, also you keep repeating yourself are you drinking heavily?

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Yet they keep scoring high, selling high and are widely loved by gamers. Who would have guessed. Successful games that continue to do extremely well and out perform the more powerful console

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A Sony studio working with a Sony studio? This is ms 1st party needing help from a 3rd party studio and remind me how many studios do ms own now?

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First halo and now pd, you cant ignore poor leadership and inefficient teams who can't for what ever reason deliver a game without 3rd party support

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Wow so far from this being another shit show like halo its actually ms buying square, good lord stay off the drugs guys for your own health. How many studios does Ms now own? And they need 3rd party support for a 1st party game. Come on, I mean if the game is amazing I'll be the first to say congrats but this looks terrible. Everything doesn't have to be spun to make it look 1 million times better than it is

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They still have to get permission and pay for the licence, you don't just wake up and say let's make an xmen game.
Everything xb touches turns to a service or is wasted on them

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It's always the same answer, buy studios or publishers, not utilise the talent they own

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It would not work, xb is now a service, you couldn't recoup the costs and make it successful, plus they don't want to. Think about it if they can wreck halo with no question, why would they make a dc game?

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Can't believe anyone is giving this a 10 out 19 it's looks like a more colourful dishonored with more guns

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Little devil inside looks so cool, along with sifu and stray. Very surprising factions didn't show or bluepoint acquisition and next game, I guess deathloop, kena and lots of 3rd party games will push Sony through December, not sure if they would do another event within 3 months, maybe a few small bits of news, hope so

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I always imagine Sony has 2 versions of their shows and work out how to stay ahead but never give away too much, felt like quite a bit still held in secret to me

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