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I hope to see a new IP from them for PS4 as well. Uncharted 4 could be their second PS4 game.

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The film Sexy Beast seems like it has influenced GTAV quite a bit.

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Spot on man. You should have seen the site back when it first started. There were ruthless numbers of Xbox fanboys who basically did nothing but troll about PS3 and Sony, day in and day out. These days, a lot of PC elitists and Xbox fanboys love coming onto N4G just to complain about the amount of PS3/Sony fanboys on the site and I agree it is getting pretty old.

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With all due respect to PC, Xbox and Nintendo only gamers, the fact that their consoles won't get any Naughty Dog games is more than enough reason for me to just stick with Playstation. It was great to see Naughty Dog take the gaming industry by storm this generation and I cannot wait to see what they do with PS4!

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Tameem Antoniades actually appeared in one of the developer videos during the PS4 reveal. It would be absolutely awesome if Ninja Theory and Guerilla Cambridge were secretly making HS2 for PS4. It would make an incredible surprise announcement at E3.

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This will be one of those games in which I'll head straight to GAME, first thing in the morning on launch day, to buy....if it doesn't have a midnight release that is.

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They've made it clear they want to forget about the disastrous PS3 and look forward to the PS4.
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Hmmmm, funny, I don't exactly recall hearing Sony state that they want to put the PS3 behind them and completely focus on PS4. Is that why they're releasing Gran Turismo 6 and Beyond at the end of the year for PS3 and possibly more exclusives towards the end of the ten year plan?

You can twist it as muc...

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I'm willing to give it a chance. But Microsoft will really need to stop talking about the supposed huge amount of games they have planned and just show them instead. If they really do have 15 exclusives scheduled to release within the first year then they should have shown a few of those at the reveal rather than putting a lot of emphasis on Call of Duty and some sports games, which will also feature on their competitor's console.

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I gotta say, the map does look pretty close to this user created one

I wonder how big Los Santos itself compares with Liberty City in GTA4.

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Deadshot is actually a pretty old character. He was created by Bob Kane himself. Initially he attempted to be a superhero like Batman but soon became a villain when he tried to replace Batman by killing him. He's a pretty awesome villain and I have to say I was so disappointed at how underused he was in Arkham City. The game didn't do him any justice at all.
Seeing that he's now actually part of the main story for Arkham Origins, he should make a good boss this time.

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I agree that seeing CGI trailers for video-games these days is not all that exciting, mainly because as you said, the final product will look nothing like them. However that said, I still think the trailer wasn't bad. It kind of gave us a glimpse of what to expect in the game itself.

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Did you even play Resistance? The Fuse demo had quite a number of elements from Resistance. The 8 player co-op in Resistance 2 was a hell of a lot more fun than what I played in the Fuse demo.

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I think the backstory given for Elena is fine enough. She was just an average person that gained fame through a reality tv show and used that to her advantage when she became a reporter. The first Uncharted, if anything, prominently focused on Drake and Elena's relationship. She was in that game right from the very start to the very end. Plus Sully already did take a back seat in Uncharted 2 and I would bet he had less screen time than Elena in the first Uncharted.

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In the Marvel and DC universes there are a bundle of different realities with different versions of heroes such as Batman and Spiderman. Sucker Punch as they've stated previously were heavily influenced by comics and I think it would be a pretty interesting twist if Evil Cole somehow found a way to cross into Delsin/Good Cole's reality. I think that would be another good way of bringing both endings together.

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That's actually a very good idea! The story for it could revolve around a bunch of good conduits teaming up to fight against Evil Cole's army.

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Do you guys not remember the First Sons group led by Kessler from the previous inFamous games? Delsin may be the start of a new group known as the Second Sons.

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Never mind sounding like him, they're almost identical lol.

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I hope they start off with a new IP that will lead to an all new Naughty Dog series and then bring us Uncharted 4 while developing this series. I honestly can't imagine what they've got cooked up for next gen! No doubt they'll shine just as much on the PS4 as they did with PS3!...probably more!

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The first thing I am going to do with this game (after the first mission that is) is see what happens when I crash a plane into the ground. I remember whenever I did that in SA the plane would just completely disappear and all there would be is a few random explosions lol.
Also, is Trevor 'not' anyone's favourite character so far?

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There was plenty of gameplay in those trailers. It was just shown through the cinematic camera.

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