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Do you happen to know which interview they stated that in?

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Deimos will indeed be in PS All Stars as an alternative costume

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I'd have to disagree there. Fall of Man had the most atmospheric and varied campaign of the trilogy IMO. Resistance 3 was good, but from playing it I just couldn't help but feel that Insomniac wanted to finish Resistance off as quickly as possible.

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Fully upgraded revolver with explosive rounds is also your friend.

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A Folklore spin-off on Vita would be nice.

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And let's not forget the amount of women who Zeus had affairs with including one of his other sisters, Demeter.

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A midair boss fight with Man-Bat needs to happen! I would also love to see a proper MGS style boss fight with Deadshot. Deadshot was probably the only aspect of AC that disappointed me. He was basically just a generic enemy.

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I think the fact that they left a few subplots open in Arkham City such as Hush and Azrael confirms that there will be another game!

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I think Fassbender would make a great Machiavelli

But then again, he's a great actor! There's many characters he could handle!

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Agent and Last Guardian were both announced in 2009. And it isn't really Sony's fault that games such as Versus XIII and Agent are taking so long. Those are matters concerning Rockstar and Square-enix.

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When I watched the Black Ops 2 trailer, all I could see was Call of Duty with a Deus Ex paint job.

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I'd be pretty pissed off if it was to come out that late. I'm hoping for a May release or even a February release if it is ready on time. I doubt Sony will release it in the same month as God of War.

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I think Sony could with an extra thirty minutes at their conferences.

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Dammit typo! >:( Sorry about that, meant 2010 lol.

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I thought about an arena involving the Beast fighting a Chimeran horde a while ago. It would be pretty awesome to see.
I'm thinking either Nathan Hale or Joe Capelli will do. Their arsenal of weapons would add some cool gameplay dynamics and Joe's sledgehammer could be used as a melee weapon.

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There's a new tendency to release to box-arts super early. Uncharted 3's box-art was revealed along with the trailer at the Spike VGA awards in December 2012, almost a full year before the actual game was released!

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Is he still getting death threats? I really hope not!
But even with whatever problems he is going through, he still manages to bring out top quality games.

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I'm not really in any rush to start playing next-gen consoles. I'm enjoying this gen too much.

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Well as the saying goes, "no game is perfect". I, like many others, just want a damn good game from ICO. It doesn't necessarily need to be perfect. If it is on the same level as ICO and SOTC then that'll be enough for me :).

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It's a bit of a pity that a lot of people here are brushing off Sly 4 as if that is also coming out in 2013 rather than this fall. If it is anywhere near as good as Sly 2 then we're in for a treat.
But anyway I'm really not that bothered that TLU isn't coming out until next year if it means a more polished and complete game. I'll have enough multi-platform titles and other PS3 exclusives like Sly and Starhawk (which I still haven't bought) to keep me busy.

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