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While I couldn't care less about LawBreakers, I hope more companies see this. See that multiplayer only garbage isn't worth investing in. Throw this in with Evolve, Fable Legends, Battleborn, and the myriad of other games with blatant money grabbing tactics from studios with no desire to actually create something worthwhile. Hope to see PUBG sitting in the trashheap one day soon too (one can hope!)

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The only game I've ever spent money on DLC for was Mass Effect 2. To get me to buy DLC, the formula is simple: Get me invested in the characters/universe/story so that I want to come back and extend it later. Sadly, FF XV just didn't hit those notes hard enough.

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He's absolutely right here in what he says. Even if you have 4k in each eye, going at 240fps, that still won't matter in many types of games. The games where you, by design, do not play as a normal human doing normal human things (like in typical walking, flight, driving simulators) will be prone to induce sickness. This is because regardless of the hardware: if you move at different/changing speeds than the user is expecting, they puke; if you swing the camera quickly around left-...

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This game should just be a PC/Neo/Scoprio exclusive and be done with it. There's nothing they could do with luminous in 2 extra months to make it run on consoles we have today.

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$30 electric toothbrush heads every 3 months for 4 years (+ misc toothpastes) -- yeah, still cheaper to just get new hardware :)

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The rationalized cost of my launch day $500 Xbox One will be just $0.35/day once Scorpio releases late next year. The only thing in my life cheaper than that on a per day basis is my mattress at $0.25/day after 11 years and I haven't even enjoyed the last 2 years on it...

I'm ok with replacing it. Hardware is just a means to an end anyhow and it's free to come and go as it pleases to ensure content runs as I expect it to in 2017+

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Eh... I'm gonna be on #teamrealtime for this one.

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Both... I really hate twinfinite crap.

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And that's a huge problem if I look at my games library and the types of games that I could see myself playing; along with the needs to move like a human (slowly) issue.

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Looks like a lot of light which would wash out the picture you're seeing perhaps?

In any case, I'm still waiting to see some good non-first person uses of VR coupled with non-human movement for your controllable character.

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The games make a console great, well above the hardware. So they've continued the games on Xbox One through back compat.

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What if some parts of that install base are willing to upgrade after 4 years of having one? What about folks yet to even purchase the console?

Let them upgrade every 3-4 years with good forward/backward compat...

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I believe there was an article recently about how Rare itself chose Kinect as a path forward and Microsoft let them have their freedom (though I'm sure they too didn't see a problem with that). I wonder if Lionhead also went down the Kinect path on their own for that Fable abomination?

In any case, Lionhead clearly bet on the wrong, asymmetric, multiplayer-only, hero-based game to develop. At best Legends should have been a side project along side a proper game. Th...

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It's just a MOBA so no loss really.

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Absolutely agreed! It's immediately recognizable even today and it still gives me chills when I hear various ME riffs (however short they are).

Remember back in the day when games were scored and sound/audio was a category? It's definitely still important for me as I play through games today.

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The article was weak - it said 2 things of relevance none of which related to a comparison with heavy rain:

"It’s an honest video game that people can get behind and support to do well. It doesn’t screw the gamer over, it’s not riddled with in game purchases, it’s extremely user friendly and it was an underdog with it being released at a time when several major AAA video games were close to release."

"Although my overall point is “we need more ...

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That twitter parody account is on point... All. The. Time.

Props to both of them really (real and fake).

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This is surprisingly weak considering the youtube personalities behind the game, and saddening actually.

[1] 2015-01: Sales of the Pocket Edition exceed 30 million
[2] 2015-05: Sales of the Console Xbox 360 / Xbox One versions exceed 20 million

Pocket Edition (mobile), while offering a drastically pared back, watered down, and overall lackluster (IMHO) experience is well north of 30 million. Disgusting :)

Console editions, now offeri...

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Sorry Aaron, your lineup is still missing Star Ocean, Tales of, FF XIV, and Persona.

You need to become more diverse even if that's not what your current player base looks for.

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Final Fantasy XV

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