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I have a good feeling about this

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There really is no use in trying to talk some sense into a tree stumpXD

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They are selling you map packs and skins for the same game for years. At a premium price LMFAO

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Making the game more realistic does not mean making it less fun. I'd say it makes it more fun and rewarding (and i'm not a historian). But this is BF we are talking about, ofc it has to be tailored for ADD kids. But they could have slowed the pace of the game down a bit, and not give everyone smg's and semi auto rifles instead of bolt action. Also reworking the spawns would help alot. As it stands now it's just a WW1 re-skin of the standard BF with everyone running around like...

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I'm also sure it will be pushing boundaries in the scummiest dlc practices. *cough* Javik *cough*

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More downvotes than upvotes on your comment is worrying. Naive and dumb everyone of them, you have to be mad to trust M$ knowing their history. More control, more, more, and more. That is their goal.

@darthv72 ahahaha if for you everything worth living for is money, does not mean it's for others also, or maybe you are just another dumb ms fanboy. Gears of War LMFAO

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craze is the perfect word for it lol. Dumb people, must have nothing better to do. If i was some dictator, i'd send them to to build some railroad or something and be of some use. "We build the railroad, the railroad builds us" haha

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Haha, depends if you are hungry or thirsty. But lets get serious, if you want a puppet steered by unseen puppetmasters vote Hillary, If you want a leader vote Trump (where will he lead you is another story).
With Hillary it's more of the same corrupt war profiteering, Trump on the other hand is giving people chance of a lifetime to kick the establishment in the balls and turn the ship around. Or tip it over:)

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People may say hes paranoid and overreacting, but as a wise man once said: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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Bonus foreskins if you pre-order

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Attacks like this are a godsend for people in power. Sultan Erdogan is deeply grateful.
Also, gameranx is clickbait trash.

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Jivah dude, lemme just tell you this for starters: I AM NOT RELIGIOUS, LET ALONE AN INTOLERANT RELIGIOUS ZEALOT.
Now here are my views on the topic: Your phone, your console, your pc, your car, your dog, and especially you and the universe you inhabit are waaaaay to complex to be an accident. Be it evolution or instant creation, big bang or poof, does not matter, some intelligent designer is behind it. Saying otherwise makes you illogical and even delusional, PhD or not.

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LOL anyone remembers the book called Bible? Some interesting spot-on predictions there also.

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TRUMP 2016

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