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I didn't even have the opportunity to play the game on a PS4 Pro. I played on the base model, so I have yet to experience any game in 4K. Managed to secure a PS5 yesterday though and honestly I can't wait!

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Same! And I've just managed to secure a PS5 through Very.

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I only got around to watching it last night, and it looks absolutely stunning. I played HZD on a base PS4 so playing this on a PS5 for the first time is going to be absolutely breathtaking.

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I bought a Switch Lite last week. The new blue colour lured me in. Also I miss having a handheld. I've had a PSP & a Vita but I haven't owned a Nintendo handheld since the GameBoy Colour, or a Nintendo console since the Wii. I grew up with PlayStation so I thought I'd mix it up a bit with Nintendo & Microsoft (got a Series S at Christmas) before I get a PS5.

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I wish I had the chance to lose 2 hours to this game.

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I got my Series S on launch day, but I'm so stoked to get a PS5.

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I can't wait to get a PS5.

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Do you remember the "Xi" PS Home quest? Where you had to solve a mystery with everyone. That was good, and there was definitely potential in Home. I also enjoyed the themed game areas, but having to download individual areas took far too long. My character also had Tekken gloves. I'd definitely be intrigued to see a Home Revamp on PS5, and I'm sure we might get something like it alongside PSVR2. I'm in.

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This could be a huge system seller for VR.

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Thumper in VR is amazing, it was my most played PSVR game. The twists, the turns, the rhythm and the environments all blend extremely well together. Don't write it off just yet.

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I haven't purchased the game yet, either. However when I pick up a PS5 (one day...one day...) I'm sure as hell going to make sure that this is the first physical game purchase that I'm going to make. I've been tempted to purchase it digitally for my Series S but I started out playing it on PlayStation, clearly remember having a birthday sleepover with friends playing these games. Plus I really want to play with the Dual Sense. Can't wait to try the controller out for mysel...

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I'll be giving it a proper go for the first time when I get a PS5. I tried it once when it was free with PS+, but I was atrocious. Kept dying in the first area. Never touched any of the other "Souls" games and I'm kind of put off by games inspired by it.

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Thanks. I'll have to give it a go.

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As a first time Xbox owner with my Series S I'll be giving these games a go. I've always gamed on PlayStation and I've never really got in to the first person genre, or open world western rpgs. Horizon was the first open world Western RPG that I played really, so I'm looking to expand my horizons this gen.

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I've never been a "trophy hunter" myself, the only platinum I have is from Tekken 7 which I unlocked without even trying. Once I get a PS5 I'm going to learn to spend more time with games that I enjoy and maybe start trying to get some more platinums. I can't wait.

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Will be picking this up in the future when the jumbo edition gets discounted, or hopefully even added to PS+ one month. I absolutely loved Theme Hospital back in the day.

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Nier Automata is a game that keeps on giving. I bought it when it was in a digital sale and I didn't regret it at all. I haven't managed to complete it fully, I made it to the third play through, but it turns out I was actually terrible at the game all along because the difficulty spiked for me and I never went back to it. Honestly I'm going to be all over it again when I get a PS5 and I'll be starting right from the very beginning because I need Copied City in my life all ove...

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I'm looking forward to playing the Ultimate Edition when I get a PS5 - it has been added to my PS+ library ready. I bought the game on PS4 during a digital sale last year but the game seemed to run really badly on my base console so
I didn't get too far in. So intrigued to see how this version looks, plays, and feels (so hyped about getting hands on with Dual Sense) compared to the original version.

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I managed to secure a Series S for launch day as I woke up early and managed to check out early with Argos. I can't wait to get a PS5, it is my birthday in May so hoping they'll be more widely available for the launch of Resident Evil Village. That's my time and I'm so excited.

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I'm looking forward to trying out this game. Honestly I've not got in to any fighting game franchises outside of Tekken so I could do with expanding my horizons. Love the art style.

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