Long Live Play.


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God forbid you have a counter opinion on this garbage website. I come here to be entertained by the desperate fanboys, of any system. They sadly never disappoint. As is evidence to all the replies on your comment.

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Yup and you can clearly see that with Ubisoft and their AC series. They said it themselves that AC:Valhalla will be running at 30 FPS. They prioritised graphics over anything else like many other developers these days.

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People are quick to forget. Although I have a feeling they know and purposefully choose to ignore the facts to continue these meaningless fear mongering articles/arguments. People will forget about all this, and next generation it'll be the same garbage again.

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Yeah that comment is extremely silly. I'm going to buy the controller only... and use it on my PC. That's what is cool about gaming on PC. We can use these controllers, too. Like you said as well there have been force feedback options for a very long time.

I've been getting A LOT of Peter Molyneux vibes from articles these days. I hope everyone is prepared when they are either underwhelmed when the next gen consoles arrive, or simply whelmed. This much hype is n...

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It really is though. Eventually the metaphorical water will catch up to them. I don't want them to fail this is all self inflicted, they did not adapt to the changing times in any meaningful capacity. As an anecdote from myself, I've never had a same-day release from Amazon fail me up until now with Final Fantasy 7 Remake... And only because there is a global pandemic happening.

There's very little reason for people like me to bother going to GameStop these day...

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Not when their only form of PPE is a literal GameStop shopping bag they have to turn inside out to grab credit cards from customers and handing them merchandise. Their execs half-assed this effort and now they will feel the repercussions of their lack of caring for their employees.

GameStop won't be missed. Even if I'm speaking for myself, they don't deserve to keep going after pulling all these stunts over the past few weeks.

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As is tradition.

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I didn't do everything in Zero and that took me around 80 hours! I did finish Cabaret Club Czar and Real Estate Royale though. Both Kiwami games are shorter though, since they have less mini games and overall content. Kiwami 1 took me 35 or so hours, and Kiwami 2 I'm in the process of playing myself.

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What do you expect from the majority of user here on N4G, reasoning? Don't even bother.

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I would say physical is completely dead on PC. Very few niche games even bother with physical releases. It's a waste of packaging when you buy a box only for it to have a Steam code. Only time I see physical modern PC games are in bargain bin sections that contain those slot machine, spot the difference, hidden object finder, and tycoon games.

Even recently, to give an example, I bought Azur Lane: Crosswave limited edition. It came with a steel game case... and a Steam ...

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The only grave mistake was clicking and reading this travesty of an article.

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While I agree that cancel culture is problematic these days... Blizzard deserves it at this point. Besides I didn't see anywhere in that post what they meant by adding them to the list. He could have meant anything, and didn't explicitly say to boycott them. Could have simply meant add to the list of greedy corporations, and honestly they have filled that spot in my list a long ass time ago.

He has valid points. They announced two games and mostly everyone forgot al...

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BREAKING NEWS: Square Enix Delay Announcement Delayed

“When we set out to inform you of all our delays, we committed to delivering an original 200-character apology, shiny new font type, and double spaced line breaks” reads the announcement.

“To that end, we will spend this additional development time focusing on fine tuning and polishing our announcement to the high standards our fans expect and deserve. Please pre-order our games though."

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It won't stop those people from fighting anyway. Let's not fool ourselves. Sony wasn't even at E3 last year and people still claimed they "won."

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You can say that again. It was one of my favorite games of last generation. I know it's not the same, but I've been playing all the Yakuza games recently and it's just making me wish for more Sleeping Dogs.

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Agreed. I only played at a buddy's home whenever I did play so it wasn't far too often. We stopped playing it until very recently, and it's still the same as before. It's truly about skill and how you play. If you disregard the objective you'll have a bad time.

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Just one of far too many that only bother to read headlines.

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So many comments specifically talking about Control. Read the article. It's a roundup of all the writers picking their personal GOTY. It's not the only game they talk about. Death Stranding is on there, too.

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Don't forget this is N4G. Don't you dare even try to say one positive thing about Stadia. Hell this anti-Stadia sentiment is far and wide across many gaming sites/forums. Even if it launched with everything, it delivered 4K as advertised, offered a Netflix-like purchasing model in which you didn't have to individually buy any games ever, people would still be rabid about it.

Maybe it's just because I'm mainly a PC player these days. But I've been use...

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