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Mmm this is a great game that i played to death, it introduced the red laser thing that RE 4 ripped off, it used the enemies with guns that RE 4 stole as well and the weak point gimmick that RE 4 copied as well.

I liked that you only had one weapon but you could customize with multiple attachments, and unlike RE 4 this game was scary and very creative.

A shame the IP was dropped, Sony should really revive their IPs for PS4 and/or Vita.

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I said DS not 3DS are you even reading?

I dont even own any "next Gen" console, just PS2, PSP and DS.

Nice try though.

Funny how you consider home consoles output as "innovation", sure keep telling yourselve that.

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Innovation in what area? I dont know but this "Gen" didnt innovate enough to be called a gen, the DS and Wii were consoles worth the tittle innovative.

Home consoles besides Wii just increased graphics and thats it, were is the innovation in that? Pretty graphics? Again more graphic whore logic.

I dont know were you got this idea of innovation when this gen is the most lackluster of them all.

Indeed that Handhelds are were money go,...

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The handheld complain is so wrong, if the user base of handhelds far outweight the console market then focusing on the handheld market is the best way to satisfy fans because they choose the handheld as their console of preference.

Being on handheld is better because the west is full graphic whores that tear appart games that doesnt match whatever stupid standard western gamers set for visuals, wich is why ATLUS had pretty much avoided it. This "console or die" ment...

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Some punishment mingames are a pain you unlock the whole CG until you made a perfect score so you can kinda avoid the lewd.

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Ignore Abriael the gameplay is not typical but its not that different either, basically the girls will suggest a command and said command will vary depending on the situation (Like say an enemy charged a powerful attack then a girl will suggest cover)how useful the suggestions will depend on how much you have punish them (Because they are rebel, lazy and what not).

You can only use one item or change one party member per turn.

All girls have different abiliti...

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Im with you in this, Nintendo is the one that makes the most sense.

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3470d ago
3470d ago

Check the SMTxFE crossover.
Check the deal of the 30$ eshop between SMT4 and FE: A.
Check so many 3DS tittles from ATLUS.

Nintendo is the only correct choice.

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Its the one that makes most sense too, and they probably have the biggest bid of them all they are really rich.

Iwata open tha checkbook!

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Damm so people are recommending games that they havent played as must buys?

I mean FFXV is XIII all over again: Overhyped as S***, made by a beloved team, mind blowing graphics and so on. And see how that turned out?

That article is full of fail.

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Paradoxes and the plot feel forced in XIII-2 when the original had a pretty fitting ending.

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I dunno, FF ATB and the first FFXIV did far worse to damage SE reputation. At least XIII was playable.

What im mad here is that we will basically get two KHs in the same timeframe (XV and KH 3)

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@Lord Sloth

FFXIII was one of the most anticipated games, it was one that looked brilliant during trailers and what not.

FFXV is basically XIII all over again, so XV will do the same.

You people ever learn?

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Nope will kill it.

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Nah "XV" will kill FF.

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Call it XBOX 720 and you could get back on track.

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Luckily is an RPG, with a silent protagonist, Link could get a rival in the SP department.

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I enjoyed it a lot but it wasnt the RE experience nor Survival Horror exp. i wanted, luckily Dead Space took care of that.

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