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i really cant see where this game can go wrong man infamous 2 cant come soon enough
just pre ordered it last week
if COD BLOPS can get perfect scores then i cant imagine what this game will get

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so be your logic i can also say that ff7 isnt a rpg?
also dragon age was cool but i wouldnt want all my rpg to be like that every 15 minutes making some stupid choises , i would rather have a great a game that reasembles the ff franschise then the bioware games. but thats my opinion also i cant wait fore this game looks great GOW and rpg man killer combination what i always wanted

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there epic ghost of sparta trully has the best story out off all the games get them now

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i meant this year bro not the couple of 5 years
btw im not here to talk bad about nintendo and them not bringing games but about pantol comment
Seems like Sony and Microsoft want 3rd parties to fight their battles for them. If you own the IP then it's exclusive for life, stop being lazy.
i got problems with that

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Dude what are you talking about Sony has the biggest 1st party and most software line 4 this year please explain to my how nintendo how hasn't released 1 Wii game this year are better then them. Please don't say stuff like that if you haven't done the research

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Will it have move support or should we wait until a gold edition arrives lol what a scam that was

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the problem fore my was the boring battle system damn the game was playing itself and it took too long to kill just normal enemys. soo please SE change the battle system or else im not coming near this game

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please do it i will love you forever if you do

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now im happy i dont care what anybody says but SE havent given the ps3 crowd any exclusief and this is just the first.
the ps3 deserves this

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You misunderstood my I ment the title brotherhood if that was Soo original , because you know the topic was the title. And yes brotherhood is a really cool game the mp is funny and very different

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And brotherhood was Soo original ?

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If this is true say hello to altair that's my geus but I hope it isn't Soo because I was digging the idea of the French revolution

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about time now publishers like activision will think twice when bringing out a game

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I dont know about you guys but I'm doing just fine without activision this gen and the previous gen In my opinion they aren't that good most of there games suck big time and like every hype after a few tries it will die after a while the same thing with cod its gonna end in a few years and then they have to be creative . Omg acti and creative don't belong together

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what are you guys smoking how can you already know ff13-2 will be better then the pile of crap that was ff13. man i hope they let ff13 dye a slow death and finish ffvs13 instead of working on mulitiple products at the same time

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treu also a great choise

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wow finnaly a setting i want to play the french revelution is a great idea

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Both of you guys should be a shamed of yourself how wouldn't want the next cod 14 entirely new warfare 3. You guys aren't even games get out of n4g. Ps I wasn't the guy hoe disagreed

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you guys do know all these studios always work together.
they have been doing this fore a long time

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