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Why did he do that to Brock, after he was so kind to him :(

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but lets be honest they haven't released anything good this gen and the quality was slipping even further

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i didn't say that but it will never move 100k next week. well just have to wait and find out

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Trust me man I remember the lines for 8 and 9 were huge at the first day now your telling me 22k is great keep telling yourself that. And let's wait for next because I can guarantee that it won't make those numbers

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Man DQ10 is performing horribly, hopefully SE doesn't make stupid decision in the new generation and make the next one a good game and not dying consoles.

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Because it was in Japanese. They didn't say anything in English. Ho re watch the trailer again

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man this game looks really good can't wait to get my hands on it.

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"If anything, Wada's mistake, his weakness was that because he loved and cherished his developers so much that he put too much trust in them," the post continued.

That's why, the post continued, there were huge projects that needed to be ended or important people that needed to be let go, but weren't.

This explains why we were getting ff13 and why the nightmare game didn't end.

Plus i see this as a good thing the ma...

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Wow 360 and ps3 are in fire. You wouldn't think next gen consoles are needed with the demand for current gen consoles

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come on man let SSM experiment with somebody new, you don't know if they can or cannot replace kratos.

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DCUO is pretty good in my opinion and you can see that the devolpers are quit happy with what they have build on the ps3.

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Why is the ps3 selling like cake at this moment?

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Best month ever !!!!!!!

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i feel your pain bro, it's been a long time since i got swept away into a final fantasy. Man i mis Tidus and the gang

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No I can't think of any game on wii and wiiu with that description because wii and wiiu don't have any games ;-).

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I think we are the only people hoping for that to happen at this moment.
A lot of people have written off this game since they changed this game. But man do those guns look like fun can't wait to play it

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naah man we are getting ff13 LR
that is totally what we were asking fore, because you know how much we love lightning

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I am so happy for this game
It has now over half a million sold in total
do you guys think it will break a million?
i think it would be possible for this game, now we should just hope for a sequel

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how did this guy get so much bubbels in a day what is this all about ?
yesterday he was at 3

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I think what Abdou wanted to say was zionists.
A lot of jews are very nice people and have nothing against moslims, they even defended moslims sometimes and called them their brothers. But zionists don't get me started on those guys

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