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and the "next coming of Jesus" hype begins...

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all I know is on the back of the box for PS3 it lists 720p. And if I'm not mistaken, that's usually the native resolution. Don't quote me on that, though.

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when I get bored in RDR, I just stop and play some poker. Then back out to the wilderness. Boredom over

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consider them marked...

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"1 hour of therapy sessions costs more than 3 ounces of coke"

So therapy is over $2000 for an hour? I hope that was extreme sarcasm

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have a couple of hot cousins I wouldn't want to drink with...if you see where I'm going with this

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and I still have yet to purchase a 360. It is the only major console that I just never bought. And I won't until I see the price at $99.99. Or a redesign bundled with Natal at a fair price. Only a select few titles I want for it. Fable, Mass Effect, Gears and maybe a couple others. Or cheap bargain bin garbage, might find a hidden gem in there one time or two.

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what's the other 1% then.

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I have over 20 hours in this game, and have yet to see a glitch like these, or any glitch for that matter.

Where's my cougar man?

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but we are about to witness gaming as we know it evolve. Only so much you can do with a standard controller, it's at its limit. 3D and Motion Control are the future of entertainment as a whole. It's time to take the next step. This E3 will be one for the ages.

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I'll walk off a cliff....oh.......wait a minute

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will always remind me of the Transformers movie. As soon as it began, I immediately pictured a yellow Camaro.

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I grew up without 'em, so they're really not a big deal to me.


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What does the Pope know about the snow...

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is why Sony are in a league of their own...

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just make your own RPG with LBP2. ;-)


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oh shit what did you do...

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