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haha well I thought your comment was right on. I was actually responding to titanz comment about Sony becoming the new apple haha.

But yes I'm aware that Dynex is crap. I wouldn't touch that brand if they had a 55" for $300 dollars! haha.l It would probably die in a matter of minutes.

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sooo I should just buy a Dynex TV from Best Buy because it's just as good as Sony's TV's? The truth is that all major companies charge more for their products whether it's Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, etc. Just look at how much monster cable sells for. Sony's pricing is usually inline with other major hardware manufacturers. So don't start pointing the finger at Sony without acknowledging other major companies for doing the same thing.

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I want Hardcore Ground War :) That would be nice!!

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dude epic montage! haha. I have to say USP w/ Silencer is the shit! FMJ FTW haha. I dominate with that gun. I haven't really used the UMP that much only because I love my assault rifles haha. But after watching your montage I just might have to switch it up a bit!

Gotta love the M21! I love the fact that it's semi auto.

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I agree with you. I have played all the SOCOM's since the first except the ones on PSP. This title just does not live up to SOCOM 2. The graphics in SOCOM have never been great but this game is just ridiculous. The particles from explosions and the blood splatter is very blocky looking. I also noticed all the jaggies, but that doesn't bother me all that much. Although the character models look good to me! I just really hope they do a a lot of polishing before release.

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I have a few assualt rifles (ACR, AK47, and M4) then I have my M21 setup. That's all I need. I constantly rape these noobs that use thermal, javelins, akimbo 1887's. People need to learn the difference between real skill and handicaps.

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I think B-Spec could actually be pretty intense. Especially when racing NASCAR :) But who knows. We will have to see on Nov. 2nd. But I am personally excited for EVERYTHING in this game. The Lexus IS F will be fun to drive as well! It's a welcomed addition to the game.

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It's gonna be epic!!

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the co-op on the new ratchet and clank sounds pretty cool!

EDIT: OMG! Resistance 3!! :)

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Haha those are probably the most used words when playing MW2. My dad can't use the BT headset because he would start some shit pretty quick lol.

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Lol I scream this ALL THE TIME when I'm playing MW2! However, I don't have anything against gay people, [email protected] Faggot just has a nice ring to it :) lol

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It's true that Halo will most likely outsell Killzone 3. However, Killzone 3 will push the industry forward with new tech and methods that will be passed down to other developers.

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Sony is also a much much larger company then Microsoft products wise. Sony sells TV's, Computers, Blu-ray players, car stereos, car audio components, home theater equipment, portable audio players, game consoles, etc. Microsoft deals with far less; OS's, software suites, game consoles, portable audio players, etc. Sony's products don't do as well in a down market as Microsoft. Also, Microsoft had the launch of Win7 which attributed to a very large portion of that profit. Micro...

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I have an original launch 20GB but I bought a 320GB hard drive about 2 years ago for around $100 bucks. I haven't even touched half the new space. That's the beauty of owning a PS3, choices!

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Not when you are a huge international company buying them by the thousands.

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Definitely looking forward to this!! :)

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WOw looks awesome!! This is what GTA IV Should have been. Definitely gonna be watching this game!

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First good article I have read in a while. The author stays "on the fence" with both consoles, being careful not to favor one or the other. I definitely agree with the points he made. Sony has always treated dev's well because in the end, their software is what sells hardware. Sony's choice to keep PSN an open platform as really allowed dev's to be creative and implement the features they want to include instead of being forced to implement other features that the dev fe...

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haha must be!

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Can't wait to jump online in this game!! Even though SOCOM has always been about gameplay, a graphics bump would be nice considering they have stayed pretty much the same throughout the series. Even if the graphics aren't Really nice I know I will enjoy the game. I hope Zipper brings back some old SOCOM 2 maps for us veterans :) and as some of the people above me said, Foxhunt was epic. I would love to see this map make a comeback!

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