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All your comments really gives me headache. Setting standard is not about who did it first. It's about how the technology is being use and technology done right. Anyone can make me invention / innovation . But when I does not work well, that is not call setting a standard. Eg. I love the remote play from psv, while I works it's not practical. Cus I still has limitations. One being that I need a stable wi-fi in order to do it. And play the same games I had on m...

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Yeah people are ignorant these days. Either that or bran damage not knowing how to think before talking. To add n to what you mentioned. There isn't even any laptops out there that can actually game pass 2hrs if you are playing any 3d intensive game while on batteries.

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Being able to take it on the go is an option. If this is meant to be a full handheld,Nintendo could have just sold the switch itself as a stand alone while selling the dock as a separate accessory for people who wish to dock it to their TV. That way it can significantly drop down the price and make it even more attractive and affordable to more people. The intention is obvious if you use a bit more logic in your thinking. Besides the device is easily chargeable...

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actually baccra is not totally wrong. if you wanna take your comparison, then you gotta bear in mind most newer gfx card of the lower to mid range are usually the soup up version of the previous chip while only the highest end cards are the actual new silicon innovation. so your equation is a fail right there. buying a newer gfx card that is not top end still = last gen at the end of the day. so being a soup up version of the previous chip with better power consumpt...

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seriously if you have created it stop whining and just live with it. Remember you made it right from the beginning and not one put a gun on your head to force throat you with what you have choose and created yourself. It is not that I agree that Sony dont allow the change. If they do allow one day that is just a nice gesture imo rather than something that is really needed. But i do not agree when you want others to fix your own stupidity. I know some people give stuff like oh my parent create...

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I am stupid last time. But now I got smarter. That's all I get from your point.

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"A different shaped moon & a red number. Yeah some GRAND vision. Get real man......"

this statement alone shows you know nothing about art. and if that is the case. just shut up instead of making stupid comments.

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Did you realized that you make yourself look really stupid with that comparison? It only show a few things. First you dont know enough about Destiny. Secondly you dont even know the correct definition of MMO. Destiny is definitely not a MMO althou they have certain features in place that makes it looks as if it is one. But the actual fact it is clearly not one. It is like Diablo 3 plays like MMO too. But the fact is it is not either. I have seen and heard so much peopl...

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play it to know. not by simply just looking at it and assume over what you saw

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end game? no where close. that is just too naive. Binding Coil alone will take you weeks. And seriously if a MMO can let someone finish it in 1 month, then it is a big fail right there especially for 1 that is sub based. And honestly there is nothing wrong with the sub model in this game. And it is worth every penny. If you cant get your head around it despite it is worth what it is and want to play free stuffs then look else where.

I dont see why would a &qu...

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been there. done it. that's why

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Exactly... they forget to mention how pathetic the same game fail in Japan. If it didnt even make a difference for 360 it wont change a thing for X1

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it is subscription based not free lunch. FFXIV has very good controller support. In fact 1 of the best out there that I have use in quite a number of different MMOs that actually support 1. So that is nothing new to what has been implemented on DS4 with the exception of the touchpad being able to directly control the mouse cursor. A nice touch but then again pretty useless since you hardly even need to use the cursor when you are actually playing on controller. Most friends I know playing thi...

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@mmc @monsta

dont just look at header. go read the article and it get you out of the puzzle. yes the game is already 1080/60 and still is. however it was said before there can be case where you are in an area where there are tons of players on screen like for eg. Odin FATE where you have like half the people on the entire server in 1 location trying to take a boss down together. In such scenario you will definitely experience drastic drop in frame rate. Since the game is tryi...

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#1 The PS3 came out a year later than 360 but already equal in global sales. The 1st xbox came out later than ps2 so it is not surprising to have a more powerful hardware considering consoles have fix hardware specs thru the entire generation. Yet the 1st xbox did not achieve what the PS3 able to achieve consider that it got release later. This time around is a complete different story as they both launch almost together in the same year with only 1 mth apart. So what&#...

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not really. i have quite a bit of gamer friends from china which are console gamers as opposed to PC despite they do have a pretty beefy PC setup. Thou the country restrict gaming consoles in that region. But they do still import the consoles. Like many of those I know are all playing PS4 despite its not launch there yet. Besides I am not sure how would X1 do there. Because as far as I have spoken to most of those I know from china, almost none have any interest with it. asking if they would ...

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The day night cycle occurs at certain point of the story. It has nothing to do with the PS4 clock or how long you have dive into the game.

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maybe this give a better view, it does look like mario and luigi in the drawing.

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its easy to make the gap disappear. gimp the PS4 version and make it the same as what it is done on X1. That's all needed. You cant change the hardware, let the software do the job.

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