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if i had money to throw around i would but i feel it's not the best time as i feel ps5 is on it's way in two years maybe.

my original model ps4 with 2tb harddrive is fine with me for now. if someone does't own a ps4 yet totally worth going for the pro. i still have to invest too on a 4k tv which will be soon.

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havent gotten that so far i have got random group invitations for stupid crap like free psn codes. which i delete the group right away.

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I don't get why Nintendo can just have a parental lock password for the damn kids so the adults can still use it if they want it's not that hard Nintendo.

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i need alcohol in life right now some whiskey.

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yea looking at chesters interview he was warning everyone as he's been fighting this for a while which is why he's been singing about this stuff just seems these names seem more direct.

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actually looking at their new release sounds like he was warning everyone if you read the song titles.

"nobody can save me"

"good goodbye"

"one more light"

"sorry for now"

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I loved their first album in the 90's after that they changed their sound on their second album to be more emo-ish than their first album that has a more aggressive nu-metal energy there was like only one song i liked from the second album but after that i lost interest in their music doesn't change the fact they all together were talented even though it just wasn't my taste after their first.

Whatever Chester was going through depression can alter your decision...

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doesn't really say much as i remember getting a survey from sega and one of the options was new console even if its most voted doesn't mean its something they want to do it's not like they don't know the high demand on name change and stuff like that but it's still feed back but this tells nothing much really.

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"The modernization of the save and checkpoint systems make the first game a heck of a lot more forgiving than the original"

I pointed this out before that the original game is harder and if you died you have to restart from the beginning to smash all the boxes again and i said the newer game is more forgiving than the actual original and i got all these disagree's.

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You guys do realize it's not the same owners from years ago they went bankrupt and were bought, the people who are making the decisions now are different people who made those mistakes in the past i don't know why people keep applying the past with now when even though the brand name it's a whole different company taking control now if they feel this confident about stepping back in they obviously got a plan and know something we don't and all anyone can come up with is someon...

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Thank god for the shiv glitch lol no matter how many times i play the game the generator room puts me in a psych out panic.. ok you done this level many times before you know exactly what to do *turns generator on and hears runners screeching* ......... * runs and wings it* fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*****k! lol

though the multiplayer was more a gamble for trophies which put you in unfair situations to get through the 12 weeks though i knew a glitch that kept your clan majority alive ...

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well they got new owner during the time they were going bankrupt in 2013 so it's not exactly the same people running it let alone a new company that took over the brand name now how the new owners deal with it is up in the air but comparing this company to the older atari company's mistakes really don't apply.

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It sounds like richtofen but it's not supposedly.

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regardless i thought the trailer looked good and interesting it looks like a different take on the cod zombie series so hopefully its something new or at least done better. https://my.mixtape.moe/iwws... it's already leaked so why not check it out if you like.

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Pretty excited. Can't wait to see their controller design too.

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I actually loved this game very much it's like the nah sayers expected it to be a literal banjo kazooie sequel though there is one level that's casino themed where i am having a problem where i got every coin and have done every mission and it is still saying i am missing a pagie which i am totally confused cause i have explored the level multiple times to find where i can get the pagie and coins and so far it looks like i have every coin and pagie still yet says i'm missing one. ...

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I pointed out in another article like a couple days ago that they showed two theme designs in a instagram https://www.instagram.com/p... and someone said it was a fake account and i was like how so? lol he never proved me wrong and looks like it wasn't.

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is it shoes

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welp they keep trying to push these stupid gimmicks instead of a powerful traditional home console mario and zelda wont hold their ignorance very long just like the wii u.

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and Konami destroyed it one of the most defining gaming series in gaming. metal gear solid on ps1 were doing things i never seen done before at that time in gaming and with such a deep and complex genius clever emotional story telling and fun sense of humor they kept through out the series. when a metal gear solid game was coming out it was always a must buy. now it's just a empty shell for konami to make into anything they want to some action zombie like game to gambling machines but i&#...

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