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I played Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, is that what you mean? I'm a little confused; Wolfentstein: Enemy Territory was originally an expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstein's multiplayer, which released in 2001. RTCW never received an official expansion, just tons of free updates and several free maps, while the official website kept mentioning 'Enemy Territory' as a massive update that would be 'available in stores'.

That all fell apart before rel...

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Yeah Return to Castle Wolfenstein had class multiplayer more balanced and well thought out than an alarmingly high amount of modern games...Splash Damage and I believe Nerve built it.

I too liked Enemy Territory, but had trouble getting passed how it was never really finished. That was supposed to be the 'big' expansion for RTCW, but Activision started shifting developers in and out (because Tony Hawk was literally exploding) of studios and ET just got released for ...

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^To each their own, apparently.

Forsaken's multiplayer on PC was great at the time. It was also the first title to showcase Direct3D outperforming 3DFX's glide api.

The game was fine for 1998 or w/e it was, but no need to bring it back...I'm one that says that for nearly all games, though. There is nothing left to 'remaster' imo...might as well start remastering remasters at this point.

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^this though...

'Everyone knows Activision is a very greedy, money hungry corporation. It's why I stopped....'

'Everyone knows McDonald's is unhealthy. It's why I stopped...'

McDonald's sells like a billion hamburgers a year or w/e. Activision, and CoD specifically, are the gaming equivalent of that. Who cares? Just don't buy it if it annoys you. This is no different than saying 'even though McD&#...

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everyone...eventually...is chasing phones.

The PC hardware market figured out this simple aspect originally, but 'PC's', by nature, are modular. Nvidia, Intel, and AMD rule the hardware side of things...no console makers have ever made the brunt of their profits on the sold hardware, they make it on the proprietary OS, and the software licensing forced on developers to work with it.

Look at Android vs. Apple. Android roasts iOS on usage globa...

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TXI is exactly right...he's only pointing out that these decisions are not consumer related, but shareholder related (or at least according to Sony, as well as 'the kids'...)

it has EVERYTHING to do with who is winning. MS wouldn't touch cross play when XBL subscriptions were through the roof, PC game sales were laughable, and the PSN was in infancy (and free)...all while Nintendo continued to 'not understand the internet'...Sony pushed pretty hard f...

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Yeah overall this whole thing is stupid.

MS/Nintendo are all 'so open' now...Wonder what MS's approach would've been back in 07 when Modern Warfare released? Sony opened the gate for PC generated UGC on Unreal Tournament 3 that same year, and said multiple times the idea of cross multiplayer between different platforms was a great idea, further pushing consoles into the PC space. MS wanted nothing to do with it, closed UGC in that same game for their platfor...

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Yeah another Wolfenstein is almost guaranteed, right? Wasn't there a DOS thing on their website last year that showed Doom's release date, and then a 'newwolf_announcement' for june 2017? Something like that...

would be thrilled with some single player Doom stuff (be it DLC or a stand alone thing like 'the old blood'), too.

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EDIT: should've read below; both versions get a significant size reduction after the update. Just need to have room for the patch before installation.

I'll have to wait a bit I guess, since other forums are still reporting the pipe being the 'old' version first and the patch on top of it for new installs.

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Nu, is that true? Patches often overwrite certain parts, and the end footprint isn't nearly as big as what needs to be downloaded...

Doom had this a good bit last year. Huge 20gb patches, but only increased the install size (on PC at least) by around 5gb each time.

Just curious, I have $30 worth of MS store credit I got from some survey thing months ago. No idea what to spend it on, but I don't have 114 left on my current ssd. I'd pull the tr...

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it WON'T get exclusive titles...I simply can't understand why that keeps getting thrown around when MS's intentions from day 1 with this thing...have been beyond transparent...

It'll get windows 10 games...those...are Xbox games now, also. 3rd parties are free to do what they want, but the damage done by the XB1's performance is apparent. No developer is going to target just the scorpio, because the scorpio is just a mid ra...

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doesn't sound like a traditional thing, though. Just co-op players against AI 'military' fighting for control of map areas.

Can't lie, 100 or more players trying to overcome larger waves of AI could be pretty interesting at least, and potentially great.

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100% arm chair 'consumer analysts' in regards to the business behind the company.

Doesn't matter 'what people do online' in GTAV, it has generated more profit than most, even popular and well received, titles do entirely...doesn't matter that 'I don't understand it, i barely tried it'...see above.

This isn't some annual franchise that recently started struggling...GTAV was one of the highest reviewed titles of last ...

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^I think they technically did for GTA 3, as it was the developer that eventually became Rockstar North (after GTA III's ridiculous success, it was DMA studios or something before that). Things were different with coverage back then, but I thought they were there to announce it during Sony's PS2 thing...but as a true 3rd party.

But yeah, ever since the initial 'modern' GTA game hit that big...they don't officially waste time with venues like that, and jus...

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but, who that is relevant still questions it? I get that people say it, but it's always more of a misunderstanding of the definition of art, than anything to really take seriously.

When people say 'that's not art', they usually refer to paintings and play writes from hundreds of years ago...what they ALWAYS leave out is that the people that absorbed said content when it was new...did it as a form of entertainment; an escape from day to day w/e...societies ab...

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Well GTAV definitely has over '100 things to do', so would make the list on that metric, but I guess the list only focuses on traditional rpg like mechanics or something.

Not sure of its accuracy, though. Oblivion has over 200 'quests', Morrowind had over 400...Neither are on this list...so...?

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and BF3...and BF4...any of those could've been WW3 more or less

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out of curiosity, what exactly is being said that's so 'racist'? That's a serious question, I don't do social media at all, and don't follow cosplay stuff at all...but I'm immediately wondering if racist and 'not Tifa' are one in the same because of how the internet works currently.

the girl is gorgeous. She doesn't need to 'prove' anything to anyone. She could wear little clothing, post pictures of it, and get as many hits as...

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I agree with the list overall, but one thing has bothered me since last May...

Doom '16's story is not 'absolute garbage'...The story of the game, and how it is told, and what it lets you do as a player...is the back bone for the entire theme. It's subtle, and not forced on players, and can be skipped...and that is something that most of the gaming media continues to 'not get', yet the plot points and reasoning behind everything, are more well wr...

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That's the same disjointed argument that always happens with anything digital.

Terms like 'product', and the idea of tangbibility around organized data...is why it's such a complex problem...lastly, finding a copy of something no longer for sale...vs....one released less than 3 months ago...is such a different topic why even bother?

Businesses have to prove damages, and prove it through lost revenues...The supporting side of piracy has had...

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