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such a shame that the FF15 team and engine were wasted on this woke junk.

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Yeah lets just pretend its a lack of this woke dumpster fire has been a joke since day 1

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Really looking forward to this. the last game was not that great but the series deserves to be given another shot, I'd rather see Square fund this game then more junk like Forespoken

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Wow what a clown show. If this game was a launch title it would have been fine but coming a year later in the shape its in was pathetic for MS's biggest flagship title.

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This game is a massive let down. MS needs to pack it in Halo just cant be what it use to be

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excellent. Looking forward to this and really anything Falcom makes.

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no lol. This game was handed awards and propped up by the media for very obvious reasons, the pandering was tangible on a cringe level. To no surprise the game was just ok, and people did not buy into the forced hype.

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This seemed like a cheap cash in and now it looks like it very well may have been

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Id like to see them try their hand at a new Otogi or Onimusha style game

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After what they accomplished with Elden Ring I am very excited to see whats next from them

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The open world for this style of game makes it easier to get into in my opinion. Also I would like to think the HEAVY nods to Berserk and passing of Miura played a role as well. Also as a result of all that I think the aesthetics and lore of the world blended in a way that drew people in.

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Did I say they were? no. just saying IDGAF about this crap company or its hollow IP anymore.

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Big hype for this game. SMT games just ooze style

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Blizzard went from running like a horny frat house full of jerks to a sackless money grubbing crap hole real fast. I couldn't care less what happens to this company anymore

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I hope they do what they did with KH4 and just give a small clip of FF7R pt 2 and be done with it. thats all anyone cares about anyway

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whats that saying...A late game is only late until it ships but a bad game is bad forever..This looks fantastic so I'd rather they take their time and release it right

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I can already see the Error 404 and gray Sold Out add to cart button. Scalpers gonna scalp

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The bias in this headline is tangible. Its a shame these people shill so hard but the reality is PS5, and PS brand as a whole, have many games that can not be played anywhere else on top of the third party games. I do not see how anyone can deny that. Lets just see how well MS is prepared for its showings this month, because Sony already has more exclusives both out and announced then all of the game studios MS now owns. Starfield is NOT enough

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I hope the retcon the sh*t out of this game. Get rid of the terrible QTE's, scrap the abysmal island section and put in elements/areas/monsters from the early builds of 3.5. Make the game a proper horror title.

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my excitement level for this is next to 0. Honestly can't think of anything surprising that will come out of this

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