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This game was meant to be played on PC with the
GTX 980 Ti and a 4 k monitor

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Thank God its not for last gen consoles

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Alright time to pop all your bubbles

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Fallout 4 on My PC in 4K!!!

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T_T omg !!!!!!!!! the feels the tears and everything hit me at once, we have all waited for this for a long time.

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Ladies and Gentlemen lets all bask in the glory of this moment

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yup same her, provably order up a Pizza and kick back.

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I'll stream it from the comfort of my home

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LMAO i was thinking the same thing Got the Msi gtx 970 3.5g
ill put what ever i get for it on the 980ti.

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Reminds me of the movie Rampage. Fox news is gonna be all over this sh!t.

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pfff if your not looking at this on your PC with everything on Ultra and going by stupid screen shots and youtube vid you can't tell squat sh!t.

downloaded the patch an hour ago, went in game into the setting which were reset due to the patch then bumped everything back to ultra put sharpening at low BOOM! looks fantastic and at 60fps without Hairworks.

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FX 8350 gtx 970 4g Everything on ultra, no hairworks crap, 60fps
freaking awesome!!!

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test it, game look freaking sweet on ultra! with this update

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Have same set up this patch makes the game look stunning!!!

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totally agree, once you master the combat system its freaking great.

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yeah totally agree, I would recommend people not sacrifice frame rate for Hair Works, it look amazing already on ultra.

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I rather have around 59 fps (everything on ultra) than have hair works drop it down to 40 fps

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With the Fx 8350 and Msi 970 4g or 3.5g i have this game on Ultra at 59fps without hair works on, hair works look cool but i rather have keep more fps. It looks great on PC and not those dumb down youtube videos, also this game can only get better with updates.

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Damn and i built a PC to play this game exclusively on it instead of my PS4...damn we were deceived. Still getting it on PC though.

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No!, AVA from Ex Machina is the future.

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