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AW ! what ! not cool bro :P

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they do, just like Best Buys, that mandatory purchase
of 2 year gold subscription is not even a bargain,
which is 2 years at 14.99 per month which is $360 + $99
so where is the bargain in (Xbox360Slim4GB) $460 + Tax ?

the sheep will eat it up.

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Dose it bug you that much, we all have the right to like things and then hate them and then like them again,gamers are the real critics. Just like you have the right to waste your only bubble on a lousy comment, and no we cant stick to one script.

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it is not that hard to tell that there has been a significant boost in graphics, the first trailer was real bad, this game play footage looks a much cleaner and smooth, the only thing crap is the video recording
definition, but you can't say much a bout potato HD recording :P

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yeah they wanted to bring down servers

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aaa its ugly

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Freking awesome, got it Preordered and go my Poster.

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Oh cry me a river

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Gagnam style is burned out

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The best game critics I know are gamers them selfs.

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This game Isn't even good as Free

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I'm conFUSEd about this game? I'm not really shocked or wowed.

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played the multiplayer @E3 not impressed

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After What I Experience today in Playstation All Stars LA Beatdown event i can say this Game is Freaking Badass, love all the stage mashups and Coles power ups are sweet also big Daddy. This could end up being my game of the year.

Edit it might be similar to Smash bros, so what ? there was some nintendo fans at the event having a blast with the game, and it was the full game by the way.

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@ Qrphe: the Trojans, I'm a spartan and i just got the Relic of Prosperity.

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nice, do you know what is GURTVIRE ?

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@ thorstein OMG! no really ? you didn't understand what i meant to tell him. figure it out.

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I'm guessing after that tribute to Michael there was a bar fight.

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LMAO oh man good one.

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lol don't be jealous bro, there are some bugs in it that will piss you off, like that server error that kicks you out of the match or you're fighting with one player and at the end of the match the other players appear,also it takes along time for players to spawn after you pwn them with a level 3 power attack.

I'm hoping these bugs exist no more ones the game comes out.

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