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Windows 10 pfff..yeah nope.

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I never owned a Xbox and was ready for the new Xbox to really impress me but then Microsoft just went a different direction, one i did't like. I was hopping for the 720 and to be really impressive, maybe next gen i guess.

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I couldn't help it and had to make my own version.

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Yeah i had 654 dps for the caduceus don't know why if it said 5,450 primary dps ? is primary dps for enemies only?

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Didn't feel legendary to me

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They look nice, I'm happy with my msi GtX 970's performance. Once i build my next Pc around the Gtx 980Ti we'll see. I'm in no rush for 4k.
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Yes same here.

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Omg did he just say the Destiny beta had good loot, LMAo

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Thoes invisible players were annoying, i was taking cover didn't know why my health was taking hit out of nowhere.

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Really!? It was so easy to get a beta code at no cost,omg. Get amazon account then preorder the game, wait for Uplay code in your email, redeem code for actual game code, then cancel game preorder.

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I get ultra and 60 fps easy with my GTX970 4G FX8350 16GB ram, took some nice scream shots.

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Yeah they look friendly but in a split second bam! they go rogue on you, its even creepier being in the dark zone with strangers using the matchmaking.

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Pfff until you have a PC you have no clue how amazing games really look on PC, extra snow? really? when you build your rig you'll know how amazing it really is and specially when it's at 60fps,

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You see the PC version right, looks real good and all, now on an actual PC it look 100 time better. Why do they have these comparison videos we all know Xbox one is weak upscale and no were near looking like PC.

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Destiny sucks

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Houston, Texas. With DLC to Roswell and Cuba

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lol! nah on high its 80-90 on ultra i get 55-69.

EDIT:So far i'm getting better graphics and performance than this gens consoles. Usually i switch between console and PC but right know i'm into PC more until PS4 exclusives hit.

and 60 fps does make a difference. I've had my PC fore a year but i'm already thinking of building a secondary PC around a GTX980Ti.

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FX-8350 GTX970 4G and 32Gb good.

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People think uncharted is original, naughty dog did many things right with uncharted from story to memorable character and action packed moments and more, but now way in hell are they the first one, technically there is no such thing as originality since everything comes from something already created in this world, so the moment you copy from anything you are not being original,and there is no problem with that or even giving it your own spin .

Back to TR, I like how TR rai...

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Solid Chicken Gear confirmed

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