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Destiny's gonna get spanked

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If the dark zone is not available to them then how can they give a complete review. Also this game right away is so much better played with a group of friends, the only thing is content and i hope it has plenty but after playing the closed and open beta i'm really liking the concept of this game and the play style. This is a love or hate game, some may be on the fence and wait for reviews but in my case i'll be there day one, this game already feels better and looks better than destin...

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awesome can't wait

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Was wondering what these credits were all about, since you can unlock 30 of these on uplay rewards

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Hell no, but they should put clover field so we can kill it and its baby insects lol

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Destiny is garbage, and The division is already way better than it.

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This is Good news thanks for reporting chief, just bough it.

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This Article was brought to you by casual news for casual gamers

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You played the beta not the full game, also, i like the way they are telling the story, i'm sure every time you do a main mission and go back to HQ you will see a an brief episode, the intel you pick such as cell phones also tell the story before and after the outbreak which to me is chilling, the echo beacons are interesting too. When the entire game is out with all the content the we can judge it, the beta was a very limited taste of game play, missions, side missions, game mechanics, a...

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This is a love it or hate it game for people, i think its good it just needs more content which i believe will be there day one, 80% of the game was locked along with content and npc's, also the number of players allowed into the dark zone was limited for the beta. This game Is better played with friends, just makes it more fun.

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Its a beta, most things are on lock, cant believe how many people think this how the game is gonna be, they will also increase the number of people per server in the dark zone so its gonna get crazy.

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Terrible for you, but for others its actually a good game, i can already see this being better than destiny.

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The beta answered questions i had and now i'm just waiting for the full game, i reached the beta level cap and i'm at the point where i want more content and explore more of the world.

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I second that

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And we care why? Jesus!

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That's awesome and its part of all the content i'm getting for $30.

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I was gonna buy it anyway for $30 i would never pay $50, fallout is already an amazing experience as is. Also what I like about steam is you can cancel within 14 days.I know no one likes going in blind and buying unknown DLC but i trust Bethesda to deliver, if they screw us then they can count on me not buying any DLC from them ever

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A proper ending so that Ubi can move on to fresh new ip

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Just bough it for $30 and i'm glad they gave people till March 1, instead of a surprise price change. So now starting on March 1 my $30 purchase becomes a $50 value. Only the gaming drama queens have a problem with it and some of the gaming media. Peace out.

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Gears of war Amibo type

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