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I still think any developer not named Sony or MS (or paid by them) that forces you to use Natal or Move in their game and doesn't give you the option to go back to the traditional controller is committing financial suicide. You just cut your customer base not only in half by using Natal (PS3 is excluded), but you cut out a huge percentage of 360 owners that don't own Natal. Let's say best case scenario, 1/2 of all 360 owners get Natal (that even sound generous). You just cut your customer ...

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Making Natal or Move required for any game other then games they are specifically built for that use motion (mini games, sports mini games, etc) is going to be tough for publishers to justify financially. With a Wii, everyone owns a Wiimote, not so for Sony or MS and their respective motion devices. You lose a huge percentage of potential customers by forcing them to buy the motion systems. I see Sony and MS putting out the bulk of their motion games and 3rd parties only adding it to games...

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Interesting tidbit I gathered from reading one of the reviews:

It's also a shame that the book isn't available in an English translation yet because I think the best way to experience Metro 2033 the game is to read Metro 2033 the novel first. That way, you won't feel so detached from the world, and you can fill in the narrative holes with the knowledge gleaned from the book. But if you do choose to let the game be your first introduction to the world of Metro 2033 then you'll no ...

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Interesting. Thanks for the update. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it. I heard that the game/book ruins the surprises for the other one, so what to do first, read the book or play the game? I would probably go the book route first.

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I suspect the author was using that to springboard into the other topics he was wanting to discuss like the console race and whatnot, but I agree, it just sort of sounds stupid to even bring up the idea any of the big 3 console owners would even consider making a game for their competitor.

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I was at Best Buy today and not a single PS3 to be found. There were at least 50 360's in stock, so the shortages could be valid and not just noise from Sony.

I suspect they underestimated the holiday demand and had to supply that time quarter with inventory intended for this quarter. Unfortunate because of all the big March titles out now.

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Anyone know much about the English translation of this book? I heard it was supposed to come out in Feb. of this year, but can't find it in online bookstores. Amazon has a listing, but doesn't appear to be the English language. Would make sense to have the game and book out near the same time.

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Absurd article. Natal and Move will never "beat" the Wii(mote) due to one very critical fact: They are addons. The Wiimote is standard with every Wii.

I'm not sure what the article means by beating the Wii. In sales, in popularity, in precision, in interest?

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Was that the Japanese version of the Funderwhack?

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Square Enix bought out Eidos last year, and has allowed them to run pretty much as they had been with probably a bit more cash infusion. My guess is SE isn't too much involved with it, but who knows.

The preview does look cool. I'd like to see gameplay integrated into it, but looks like it has potential.

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I wasn't saying you were being misleading. I was just reading others comments on it and a number of people seemed to think Bethesda was developing too. As Spunnups so aptly pointed out, what Bethesda develops and what Bethesda publishes can vary wildly in quality. I think as a publishing company, Bethesda is just getting started and their early titles might not be top tier games.

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Bethesda is only publishing it, they aren't developing it

The Demon’s Forge™, a third-person co-op fantasy action game. Hunted is being developed at inXile Entertainment for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Games for Windows.

inXile Entertainment was founded in 2002 by industry veteran Brian Fargo. During his distinguished tenure in the video game business, Fargo has been b...

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Instead of a word a day, we need a British word a day over here in North America. I could incorporate all kinds of words into my daily speech: Bollocking, bloody (not the red stuff), pub, pint, meter, knickers.

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Disgae:Afternoon of Darkness was awesome on the PSP. I played more hours on that game then any game on the console or handheld this gen. Jeanne D'Arc was one of my favorite games this gen. Syphon Filter was very well done for a handheld game.

Don't forget Resistance Retribution. If you have a PSP and PS3, you can hook it up and play with your dual shock on your big screen with a few changes to the gameplay. I had a blast with that game, although the difficulty spikes could ...

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I'm sure the guys at IW are working very hard day and night to line Activision's pockets with more money they will never see. It should be blatantly obvious to even the most brain dead management that you can't run a business by threat and intimidation, especially one where you rely on the creativity and skill of the employee for success.

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There's no doubt they started with the Wii basic premise and one upped them with better tracking and motion control. However, these sports, mini type games are fun for about 10 mins and then you pull them out once in a blue moon. It's up to Sony and 3rd parties to create the games that you want to play with motion tracking (light sabres anyone). This is where the Wii has stumbled. With a few exceptions, the Wii Motion hasn't done much to enrich games. I can count on one hand Wii games th...

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Unfortunately, that is the strategy in earlier CoD games. A friend and I would play just by rushing ahead like a madman and surprisingly, most parts of the game were easier to get through then trying to hold your ground. MW2 didn't seem as bad in this regard. A few places were like that, but overall felt like they didn't overdo the spawning like WaW.

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EA doesn't leave money on the table. They aren't announcing Natal because it's too early. All of the Natal stuff will come at E3. Sony wanted to get the Move announcements out now so they can get an early jump.

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A Wii version, an action style CoD and the main yearly CoD recycle. I'm sure a few handhelds thrown in for good measure.

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Why does this issue keep coming up? The ship has sailed. MS can't move to Blu-Ray. Unless it is a standard drive on all their units, developers can't develop for it. They have to develop to the lowest common denominator. Having an add on drive makes no sense. The prices of a Blu-Ray drive are already low enough that MS won't make any money at it. As Alpha Male said above, MS went the low price route which means no built in HD or Blu-Ray drive. It was a decision they made at the time ...

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