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XBox360 - Fallout 3

"Bring you into contact with quite a lot of rubbish, unconvincing, and fairly irritating people you can shoot."

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Fortunately, the one near my house is pretty good in comparison to others. When the managers are walking the floor, they get pushy with their sales pitch and do you want to reserve something banter, but I stop them politely :)

The one element I do find shady is how they handle their weekly deals and tradeins. I had a number of tradeins last month on their trade in 7 get an extra $50.00. The way it is presented on the receipt requires a math degree to figure out. Each trade in ...

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How many 'M' rated DS games are there?

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Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

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This is just what I was saying all along. No 3rd party is going to put their eggs in the Move or Natal basket until they see how the product does in the market. This means we are stuck with 3rd party mini games, much like the Wii, that cost alot less to develop, or we get tacked on support for Move and Natal to games using the traditional controller. The first parties are on their own for the first year or two to come up with killer content (read - not mini games) to sell their product. N...

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Most of the reviews I read said that the game is linear for the first 15+ hours and then opens up. I didn't read too many reviews that didn't mention this fact or appear to have been played for only a few hours. Granted I didn't read all the reviews, but did read them from bigger sites.

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Is Romero still alive?

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Never will happen.

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This is the first I've heard of the comparison. Where are all these comparisons that are making the author nauseous? Was this a case of a blog article that needed a purpose?

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Horror films and games tend to fall on the easy side of cheap jump tactics and things that go bump in the night. I don't consider that horror. How many times has the tension been ratcheted up only to have a cat jump out and screech. Do you consider that horror? No, that is just an adrenaline jump. That's a cheap and easy way to create a scream, but were you scared?

Now think about the movie the Shining. One of my favorite horror movies of all time. Did things jump out and ...

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MS and Sony are too late to the game to be a hit with motion and Nintendo has one key element they both lack: Every Wii comes equipped to do motion.

MS and Sony have a tall order to get 3rd parties to commit millions of dollars to a technology that as of today, they have no idea if people will buy and add to their system. Sure some 30+ million consoles are owned by their respective fan base, but as of today 0 people own Natal and 0 people own Move.

Publishers will ...

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Maybe they can implement a system that removes armor pieces and awards when the racist, immature, homophobic potty mouths spout out. Give them a profanity penalty.

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This is another example of trying to shoehorn motion into an area it is not needed. There is no reason to replace a controller in a racing game with Natal or Move other then the coolness of it. Motion should be used where it benefits the user and is a better fit then a controller.

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I would put it around 12 million as a rough estimate. Mario Kart Wii has over 21 million, it won't come close to that.

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Title is flamebait. The quote never mentioned maximizing power.

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True, that's a good point. But I guess since his rhetoric helps sells games, his publishers (and now MS) don't muzzle him so much, they just probably keep an army of PR folks at arms reach in case he says too much.

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Maybe I'm just not as cynical, but I think Peter is the type of person that gets all worked up over game design and the vision of the game and all the cool things he is going to do and is unable really to temper that enthusiasm which spills out in his interviews. All of us probably have a friend or relative like that. The person that is always doing a get rich quick scheme or gets fixated on something like technology or movies or just anything where they become single minded. Then when the...

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When did this become a 2 horse race? Naughty Dog, Crytek, Guerrilla Games, Polyphony Digital and probably 5 others all have something to say about that.

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I didn't even know it had an initial release date.

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I think you hit the nail on the head DT, but I think it is your minor point that is even more important. Sony and MS need to build Move and Natal into their baseline product next generation. Having it as an optional piece of hardware means 3rd parties aren't going to risk going motion only and cut out a large percentage of potential customers. The Wii succeeds motionwise because everyone owns a Wiimote. The same won't be true this gen for Sony and MS, so I believe the motion games will be...

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