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Sorry, but I'm not paying twice for the same content. The reference to R&C Quest for Booty is not valid in this discussion because that was a separate bite sized game, more like DLC then a demo of an upcoming game.

The other problem EA faces is having given something away for free, to start charging for it is a harder hill to climb then if there was always a cost associated with it.

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He has the luxury of time which is very rare in this industry. Normally, publishers give a developer a date which they have to meet. GT gets more of a nebulous date due to past history and that it is such a high profile game. However, with that luxury comes some responsibility on KY's part to not abuse it and to know when to say when, perfectionist or not.

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Movies are not out of ideas. It's the Hollywood suits that are too afraid to try new ideas. There's a handful of formulas in the movie industry that get worked over and over. While Avatar was a visual feast, the story was as bland and predictable as they come.

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You would have to read his treaties on the subject to understand his position. Unfortunately, he spends most of the article shooting down what a USC student tries to claim is art and that some video games are art, however he never gives his own definition of what art is.

The problem with this whole games are/aren't art argument is the...

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I can't count the number of times a recent game brought in Hollywood writers or famous writer X or comic book writer such and such and focused on story first, only to have a nonsensical or derivative story in the end.

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That makes sense.

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Fallon show has always been partial to gaming. I would label it more of a quirk of the Fallon show then gaming stepping into the spotlight. You won't see games announced on Letterman or Tonight Show.

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I'm sure the conversation went like this

IW employees - Should we quit
West & Zampella - Just hang tight while we work this thing out with EA. We'll get ownership of the IP and start up a new company. You guys keep drawing a paycheck from Activision. Don't accomplish much, but don't get yourselves fired in the mean time. Once we get the new company up, we'll have "interviews" for positions. That means "anyone" can apply for the open jobs. You g...

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Was the "new and fresh" comment an underhanded jab at Activision?

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It would be nice to see the stats for that survey. How many people responded? 10?

ModNation Racers is flying well under the radar. That looks like tons of fun especially if you have kids.

Red Dead Redemption
Alpha Protocol
Mafia II
Last Guardian

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Brutal Legend when the game became an RTS halfway through. The action part was fun, but came to a thudding halt when it was RTS every mission.

Far Cry 2 when I realized I was spending 80% of my time driving and trying to avoid the ever spawning patrols.

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I have a feeling the author's article was satire?

He would like the developers to filter out potty mouth from the game.

Killzone 2 was one of his examples. I can just see Guerilla Games warning message:
"If while murdering your Helghast enemies and watching their lifelike corpses crumple in a pool of their own blood, you would like us to filter out any use of seedy language, please check this box."

"Thank you, now go kill some more ...

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Thank God I'm an atheist :)

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While I think ModNation Racers is flying under the radar and will be alot of fun, I would stop there from saying the biggest exclusive for 2010.
I know my kids will love building tracks and trying to torture me with insane obstacles.

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Space Invaders narrative is twice the narrative of Heavy Rain.

You, the solo fighter for a world on the brink of destruction. All that separates these horrible invaders from space and your beloved home land are some measly destructible barriers the army threw together to offer some protection against these space invaders. You jump in your trusty hover-glide-block-laser tank and take to the ground to save mankind.

The horde of invaders from space appear. They look ...

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If you put the hardcore gamer at the center of the universe and claim the success or failure of a system is based solely on their buying habits, then I might see how the Wii 2 will fail, but that is a very myopic viewpoint. If you don't factor in the market from 5 to 95 and consider how much of the non hardcore Nintendo has captured, then you are doing yourself a disservice in your analysis.

On the way to school today, my 8 year old son was trying to figure out how many kids in ...

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happy 12th

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I wonder, since he didn't say A. Creed III which is the obvious name, is it really that or a spin off/hand held game?

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3 days straight of playing. That's what makes it so hard to break. At least with DK, it's a matter of hours. This guy needed over 72 hours non stop.

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