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Power to the people I say. If every corner of the internet is complaining about an injustice, bad policy or whatever, then there might be some meat to the argument. A few bad apples will complain about the sun rising every day in the east when they want it in the west, but most of the time they are just noise to be ignored. Consumers have the greatest power when it comes down to it, but they lack organization, so large companies are able to do what they want. The internet is a great equal...

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A better analogy is here is your novel in Spanish. You can read it as long as it is connected to the internet at least once a day.

So, my take is the XBone is not for people that play single player games?

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>You cannot have game and marketing budgets this high while also having used and rental games existing. The numbers do NOT work people.

What's wrong with that statement? Publishers have a business model that does not work. Sticking it to the consumer to make their business model work is not the answer. Fix your business model. Find ways to cut down the budget. Do you need a big name actor to voice your character when an average no name can get the job done? Do yo...

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" And they're smart. So they look at all those things and say 'Hey, is this going to impact me in a negative way?'. And until you use it, it's really hard to understand what all the advantages are."

I'm looking at their used game policy in every way possible but can't come up with one advantage it has for me the consumer.

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We feel that our servers are a vibrant part of the ecosystem. If your gaming experience is at all marginalized by the lack of a server then we need to tackle that issue head on so that you can consume that experience whether you are on the go or at home, which brings me to the controller.

Can we stay on topic?

Oh yes, well I would love to tell you today just how we plan on solving that issue. It's going to be a huge announcement, but I can't talk ...

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None of that made any sense as to why you have to check in once a day. A console is not a phone or a tablet that is inherently portable. I have never needed my console content to travel with me and don't need connectivity to play a single player game... period.

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The Wii was raised to fad level. It caught on because it broke through the typical gamer customer and to the common population. Everyone I knew had/has a Wii, even my mother. The motion controls coupled with Wii Sports is what started it all and the media was there to boost it up and feed it to the general public. The Wii U has no such luck. 90% of those I know that own a Wii (not talking your typical gamer) don't even know it exists, never mind bought one. Very few will pick one up...

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Very interesting blog by someone taking a subjective view on the whole gun ban issue. Has nothing to do with GTA though.


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Is any award show relevant? Do I care that the music industry garnishes praise and awards upon each other or likewise the movie industry? They are just silly hype machines for their respective product. Why doesn't the insurance business have a televised award ceremony? "And the 2012 Actuary of the year award goes to Spencer Pendelton III for his world class use of asset management and balance sheet budgeting".

Just TiVo the Spike VGA's, watch the reveals...

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Surprising to me that they would be sending out a survey for their next game? Don't most studios shift a good portion of their workforce onto their next game a soon as the previous one is code complete? Especially AC which comes out yearly. Maybe this is for a game 2 or 3 years down the road.

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Summary of the article:

I think because the world is detailed that the game can't be long and it will be short and that means it will be bad because people don't like short games.

I think because the trailers show people interacting with other people that there won't be enough zombie killing and people won't like not enough zombie killing.

I think because ND said the multiplayer will be different, it will suck because differen...

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We've had SSBB since it came out and my kids are still playing it this summer. Even my 12 year old daughter who isn't at all into fighting games loves SSBB.

You have to look at what makes SSBB fun. All the cool little goodies that drop, all the craziness, everyone chasing down the Smash Ball like rabid dogs. I've never seen anyone come to the house and not enjoy playing SSBB. It's very pick up and play and everyone has a chance to win due to how random it c...

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I think this E3 was doomed to be underwhelming. With the next gen from Sony and MS coming out in 2013, there must be alot of studios (internal and 3rd party) heads down with those titles in the works, and since the next gen hasn't been announced, they obviously can't talk about the titles.

Now Nintendo should have come out with more firepower. There was nothing on the Wii U that sold that system. The Mario games look just like the Wii Mario games and they had rehas...

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Your assumption is that everyone buys the game the first week or two of release when your only option is $60.00 for new or $55.00 for used. All games drop in price drastically. If I return my new game and get $30.00 back, I can pick up a new game that has been on the shelf for 6 months for $30.00 or less. If I cannot trade in that game, I might pass on the $30.00 game and save up for a $60.00 game cutting my buying habits dramatically.

Now throw rentals into the mix. I pl...

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Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Dec, 2013
In an unlikely alliance amongst fierce competitors EA, Activision, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all banned together to form the "Anti Used Game Initiative". In a bold move, the console makers have all released their new consoles with the requirement that each game is registered to one and only one console. This means games will not play on any other console but the one that it is originall...

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I play a ton of games through Gamefly that I never would have played if I didn't have it. I can easily pop it in the mail next day if it isn't a good game. Because of this, I discovered some good series that I would not have bought for $60.00, then I go out and buy the sequel. Sounds like a good business model for the publisher and console makers. If they remove this by restricting game installs, I'll find entertainment elsewhere. Don't really want to spend a few hundred ...

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Have you ever read a book and didn't think the world was really as "Mesmerizing" as the book cover stated? What about a movie that got "2 Thumbs Up" but you put one thumb down. Gosh, call the FTC, they didn't live up to my expectations. I only thought the world was astonishing, not mesmerizing. How absurd can gamers get? Do we now require developers to get approval of their game content from the mass public before completion? Hey, the ending didn't live u...

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Why do people care about award shows? Seems every other month the movie or music industry is awarding each other for the same thing over and over: Emmys, Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, MTV awards, Tonys, People's Choice, CMAs, American Music Awards. Just a glut of award shows. Not too interested in video game award shows either. I know what I enjoy, I don't care what the popular vote is. I skim through the VGAs just to catch the trailers for new stuff.

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How do they miss Madden on that list?

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How about books and movies? Exact same scenario to games. I can buy a book new or find a used bookstore and buy it used. I can go to MovieStop and do the same with movies. I haven't heard book publishers or production companies whining about it.

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