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I don't want to punch you in the mouth buuuut. The very devs of Witcher 3 say they took inspiration from Dark Souls soooo. Also as for Dying Light, sure the gameplay is fun and parkour is cool, but it basically takes melee combat from Dead Island. So it is kinda ahrd to take anything you say with actual value.

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Since trick weapons are 2 movesets in 1, I'm not surprised theres a decline in weapon number, but that doesn't mean a decline in weapon quality.

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Too bad Dying Light is a subpar game and the zombie mode is unbalanced as hell.

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A few comments down you say you love freedom of speech. Yet on your fist comment you pretty much tell the guy to stop writing what he wants to write.

What do you think that makes you look like? Hint it starts similar to hippopotamus and ends similar to district.

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Theres also a few people who ordered from amazon and got their copies a few days early. Not a huge deal to me.

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I don't want to be THAT guy but, I disagree. RNG's tend stands for role playing. That means a role made by the game devs as a role of a character. Or a self made role with true character customization. I rather role play somehting I can choose from than pick a pre-made character. So imo Dark Souls is the most RPG of all, with DA a bit since you can choose class, and Witcher more of an action game with rpg elements.

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As a PC/console gamer, I'm asking you to please not be that gay. You know the guy I'm talking about, the one who smells his own farts. Yeah that guy, don't be that guy.

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Around half of those features are US only and a few select countries. If your American great for you! Xbone might be better. For the rest of the world? Not so much.

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You mean like you?

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I preferred the comic book cut scenes over the cinematic ones. But hey I like reading them too, so thats up to personal taste.

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I dont want to sound like a fanboy or anything. But if you truly want the "complete" package then make yourself a decent PC. Put in a few more bucks than the already starting price of the Xbone and your set. A few bucks mind you that you would pay on the Xbone for LIVE anyway.

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Wow the 2 of you are pathetic. 1 character has big boobs the other a big ass. Then you perverts get all sexual and think about it. I would hate to see how you react when going outside, I mean, god forbid you walk to a coffee shop and a woman has some decently large breasts. Gonna stair all day? Geez get over it.

And funny enough how you don't bat an eyelash for the over masculine dwarf and fighter both male and both even more unpropertioned than the 2 women. Its clear yo...

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I'm guessing you didn't read the article huh?

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I don't want to be an a-hole since FF is be best friends favorite series. But even he a die hard fan agrees FF has become the COD of RPG's.

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Your comment is incredibly hypocritical. You call a kid a dumbass for a violent joke, then you yourself make a discriminating joke about a whole state and people with mental disabilities. Guess some people don't learn.

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Man your fanboy-isn for ND is disgusting. And this is coming from someone who also is a fan of them. Hell TLOS is not as good as everyone says it is. The character development is amazing and some of th best I have ever seen, but the actual story is cliche and as common as a white rarity weapon in an rpg.

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You literally have no idea what your talking about.

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"There's also nothing more annoying than relentlessly slashing at an indicted player to have them instantly recover their health to full with an Estus Flask."

Use a Loyd's talisman, it causes flaks to not work and malfunction. If anything remove those stupid divine blessings and mushrooms. Full HP and all status effect cure is to good for this type of game no matter how rare. And mushrooms HP regen speed is just ridiculous.

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Your head is so far up your own arse

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GameSphere because its spherical!

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