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IP leaks when you are in the Dark Zone?! Wow. Maybe Ubisoft thought this was WatchDogs 2 and they confused it with the Dark Web.

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With a Sly movie coming next year does anybody really NOT expect a Sly game next year that'll be announced at E3 this year?!

To me that is almost a guaranteed thing to happen and Sony would be dumb not to support that idea because it makes a lot of sense and especially after seeing how well received R&C is now and was even months ago after the trailers and gameplay shown of the game. The only question will be if Sucker Punch actually makes it (what are they working on...

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Well at least the DLC in GTA isn't as offensive as in other games. Nothing is behind a pay-wall and you can get all the content you can buy with money for free as well, all you need to do is play the game.

Now the payrates and the ammount of money you get hasn't changed dramatically and imho it has gotten easier to make money in GTA, however what has changed is the ammout and price of the new items in the game. They started adding a lot of new items and the prices for...

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From reading the article and some other sources the number doesn't seem to be that random though and there is a logic behind it (based on the contract he had).

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I feel like R* has to prove a lot with their next game now. Screwing over a former (very important) employee while only releasing more of the same content (more Adversary modes (it's like they release 3 each month now and most are just copies of existing user-created jobs) and cars to tune, yay..) for GTA is not that great imho.

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I forget to say: I hope the author realizes how stupid this article was when he plays some Overwatch in a few weeks.

I only hope the game will do well in a time where FPS games are dying.. /s

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Again? Didn't it die 50 times already until it's somehow back again with the games selling more than many other big games?

Like is CS dead? Nope. CoD? Nope. Will the next BF sell? Yep. Will we see more FPS games? Sure.

Also reading how the guy talks about how the movement in many modern games (CoD is mentioned prominently) is kinda funny. He says people (including him don't like it). Then at least he sees how crazy movement was always present from...

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It'll be Star Wars meets AC and Uncharted. I doubt the people behind it really want to take any risks when it comes to trying something new so they'll stick to the type of games they know very well.

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The ICE team has nothing to do with the Uncharted series directly though. The ICE team, that works on creating core graphics technologies for all Sony studios (and other third party studios) working on Sony platforms, is a completely seperate team from the other teams at ND that develop games. They share the same studio, but an ICE member has a different job than a programmer working on Uncharted.

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They all deserve to be on that list but the reason why there are just relatively recent games is because there are so many more outlets today.

So most awarded games, yes, but I think if you'd break it down to the percentage of awards of all the outlets out there at that time they have gotten we'd have a whole other list. But I doubt it's possible to come up witht he list.

Nonetheless it's funny that many companies dgaf about the small sites b...

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The Order would be a good game for PS+, but then again even though it's a Sony game I doubt they'll give it away because usually PS+ games a games that offer additional DLC and microtransactions to make some more money off of them and The Order doesn't have that.

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Now I am just going to assume that when you say that the ending for RDR is bad you are thinking of the ending where John dies.

However the actual ending of the game is a different one. When you play as his son (Jack I think) you get a side quest that eventually leads to the games actual ending and that is a pretty good closure to the story and a cool ending that really ties everything together. Why the game is called Redemption makes sense then. Here's a video of it:

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I am sorry, but I liked Link's Awakening.

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No offense towards Nintendo, but who would want Beyond Good & Evil 2 to be exclusive for Nintendo NX?! I mean the title says "rumors we all want to be true" right? I don't think that we all want this..

The game itself? Yes, please!! Nintendo exclusive? Nope, thanks, unless Nintendo supports its development and it wouldn't happen otherwise (like with Bayonetta).

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The title of the article should be: "Battlebron is dead."

And I'm serious about that.

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@Dan_scruggs: The Move controllers are completely optional though. Every game has to work with a DS4 and Move offers an optional control type for some games, that, yes, might be the best way to go, but still isn't required for PS VR.

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"During the Skype debate [...] Robert Romine mentioned his 3 children. Being a father myself, I felt like I understood, I could imagine this man taking a risk and starting a company with his brother, and here come Sterling telling him they aren’t good enough."

Having children doesn't matter at all. If you make sh*tty content and get called out for it you deserve that. Either get another job or actually make someting good instead of trying to scr*w people over wi...

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Now is this better or worse than a beheaded goat?! Not talking about looks here, obviously.

But seriously, have you ever been to a gaming show like E3, gamescom, or PAX? At these events there are tons of "booth girls". So schoolgirl dancers isn't all that different. Now if they were strippers who actually showed off I'd be like "wow, MS", but this, this is... pretty standard.

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Traditionally the videos go live on the GDC vault (on the GDC website) some time later... if the session has been recorded and the video is made available for public that is.

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If you have a PS camera, it is.

Gotta love these articles that look at comment sections and post an article on something that people are currently complaining about. Gaming journalism is da best.

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