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There's an English Patch for the old PS2 version, it is enjoyable but this seems like the remaster is going to be big improvement. In the original version, you could only pick one class, in the remaster they are going to let you pick up to two or three classes I think per character, and switch classes when you need depending on the situation.

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Not completely unreasonable.

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was developed over the course of three and a half years, with a total of 240 in-house staff working on it."

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Mario won't be next anytime soon. The Wii U version of BotW is running on CEMU, not the Switch version. Also while it's somewhat "playable" (in the context of emulation) last time I checked you cannot even get out the tutorial area because of bugs.

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He means it, I'm guessing, in the sense that the power jump is Next Gen. So while MS says they won't treat it as a Next Gen system, it will be one in the sense that it is powerful enough to be so.

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Eh, I would have preferred it personally if they decreased the size but made it denser with added verticality and filled it with more things to do

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"Most Gamers don´t have a problem with Tracer being a lesbian" no s__t. The ones who do have reacted. They have either moved on to different games or realized it is not a big deal and keep playing the game. Worthless articles that keep mentioning it is the reasons why people keep bringing it up are getting annoyed about it. Looking below, I can see two new articles in the past five hours alone about the subject. This is coming from someone who is gay, and sees this as a ni...

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I have no experience with Laptops aside from my Macbook Pro which I would replace if I could. I do know that Asus is a very popular name, especially in regard to Laptops, I was even considering one of their mid-range, or entry level Ultrabooks to replace my MBP. Looking at that laptop, it looks actually like a pretty good deal. Main components cost around 1k alone, but it is a laptop, so it has a 1080p screen, keyboard and trackpad, and you don't have to worry about the PSU or MOBO so ...

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Well, if you really want to get a laptop which is great for portability, instead of building a desktop which would save you money and get you better performance (CPUs and GPUs on laptops are underclocked to compensate for heat and battery) I would suggest getting one with a 1070. You can't really upgrade upgrade the CPU or GPU of a laptop, in most cases I believe, so your better off going with something that'll last you longer.

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I found a deal for ReCore, 20 bucks off of Amazon but of course, you have to redeem through the Xbox App.

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In the sense that they'll have Xbox games? Yes. All future X1 exclusives will be on PC, as of right now. Currently, the only titles on there are ReCore, Gears of War, Quantum Break, the latest Forza, and a nice looking space indie in EA. It would have been better if MS retroactively brought their games to it, games like Halo, Rare Replay, and Sunset Overdrive (would have helped some people feel more confident in purchasing from their library, said confidence is something most PC gamers la...

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This is certainly true, it is still nowhere as good as 60fps, but devs do work to make it feel better. That is as long as it is 30fps, once it dips at all I feel the difference immediately. Also the fact that I can't control it makes a difference, if a game lags a bit on my PS4 I just deal with it as long as its playable, but if a game drops from say 60fps to around 40fps and back constantly on my PC I'm going to try and fiddle with the settings to get it more consistent.

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Anything higher than $45 is superficial and is meant as a form of crowdsourcing. I believe $45 gives you the base ship while others are earnable in-game, or will be, not quite sure don't follow that closely. Either from my understand anything other than the $45 option aren meant to be different tiers of rewards for paying for the game's development.

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The style kind of reminds me of Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

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Uh, no honey, they still paid for it at some point, that is why they are receiving the upgrade, and ya now the fact that there are those who didn't own the game or all the DLC and bought the game at full price.

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The only issues there'll be with framerate to me is that I can't play it at 60 FPS on my PC, though I'll settle for it on my PS4 considering how long I've been waiting for this.

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Yeah, that's what I thought. On PC you need all DLC to get the free upgrade so you would think it is already included on consoles as well, I think the writer was just saying the "special edition" which is the normal version has the base game plus all DLC.

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Because maybe they don't want to buy a PS3?

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Where did I say it would be bad? I implied that the first was overhyped and as a result people were disappointed (the downgrade didn't help either) and I said I haven't seen any hype for it and that people are anticipating it (like me) but in no way would I consider that hype.

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Hype? Where's the hype for this game? I'm sure some anticipate it (I do to a degree) but there seems to be absolutely no hype for it as most learned their lesson with the first one.

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Don't know why people are disagreeing with you, the proof is in the pudding. Thier games are not selling on the Win 10 Store, RotTR didn't sell great on there while it sold nearly a million on Steam (
here's a dev saying 98% of the copies sold were on Steam).

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