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By the logic that they seem to be presenting with the title (I haven't read the article), it would go to say that games such as BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us should also have received critical reception. From the gameplay I've watched streamed and the trailers that have been released it appears that the Order is simply lacking in depth, spectacle and content. These are issues that no Uncharted to date has suffered from and I cannot see why they would assume it would this time a...

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The fact that it was ' carefully orchestrated' was a good thing. I want a trailer for an online game to show me the potential of what working as a team can lead up to rather than a reel of running, dieing and respawning.

It looked great and showcased the potential that the MGO playground has to offer.

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If a developer decides that the HUD is integral to the game i would greatly prefer the option to choose the opacity.

I game on a Plasma for it's superior motion handling, colour and dark room uniformity. It's very strange to me that ever since the jump to HD with the 360 and PS3 that only a limited quantity of games offer atleast an opacity option.

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That's one of the most disappointing things I've read in a while. The limited scope of the cruiser really helped to build a claustrophobic environment.
I really hope that the success of Revelations hasn't gone to their heads in a way that leads them closer to the main series. That would kill off this series entirely for me.

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I guess it must be difficult for you to watch almost anything on th TV or internet.

No drama's, no soaps, no films and heck you'll only ever be able to watch amateur porn because watching something that's acted out simply can't be enjoyed.

Get over the fact that it's a worked product and you might come to see that some of the performers are incredibly talented in their athletic capability, or their ability to manipulate an audience with th...

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I would hardly call it a cash grab.

Capcom' release of Resident Evil 4 HD on PS3 and 360 was the definition of a cash grab. The game was simply the PC port placed upon those consoles. The PC version itself was pretty poor for the time it was released with no updates to textures or lighting and only hitting 30FPS. Then there's the fact that both the PS3 and 360's adaptation had absolutely no changes to the controls.

TLOU has taken the core of the g...

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Samsung and LG have yet to reach the quality of Sony's top 2012 models. This is a unanimous statement shared majoratively through tech websites and such.

People simply buy into marketing which Sony cannot compete with.

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Male Shepard never survived.... Never survived a few minutes of dialogue and made me question how anybody actually thought it was good.

Then i discovered Fem Shep who can actually deliver a vocal performance and managed to thwart all the threats within her path twice.

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The only time I've heard of a person who is Gay making conscious choices of where they put they're piece are those who try to fit in with what they've been tormented into thinking is right, by pretending to be straight.

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"I beleive its a choice and that should be respected."

Did you wake up one morning and decide to be straight? Why do people still even think like this. Attraction is attraction at the end of the day.

"our kids are messed up and confused enough"
The reason people are either of those is because people are told what to be from a young age. A child must not wear certain colours as they are gender specific or pay with certain toys for ...

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Now to find out if this is a sraight forward port or if this version was in development alongside the PS3 release.

It could well mean the difference between seeing a game with simply a sharper resolution, higher framerate and touched of refinement Versus a game that ups all aspects whilst perhaps maintaining the 30 frames locked.

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Bigger doesn't mean better.

L.A Noire is a perfect example of a pointlessly large map.

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Would love a chance to win this package. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Proud to be one of those.

Tomorrow simply cannot arrive soon enough.

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Doubt it.

Superman's just an incredibly difficult character to build a game around.

Batman, spiderman, hell even the characters in the infamous games are all still very close to being a regular human.

Superman can fly faster than the speed of sound and hit as hard as a tank Shell.

Part of the reason that the three above can work in a game is because they're easily fallible.

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They're not saying they want to make it an RPG. They simply used Skyrim as a comparison for their ambition to make the world larger with the ability to explore further. It's more of a visual comparison of anything.

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I'd like to see the game add on top of what they have.

Add a co-op that has no effect on the story. Games back 10 years ago had no problem doing it.

Add some verticality to the environments, it would be great to scale a small shack or climb up to an abandoned cave.

Throw that together with some fundamentally improved animations and shooting. That to me would take the game to another level.

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Superman is just too all around powerful to make a game that is as fun and balanced as the Arkham games.

Batman is still a human being, so he's able to fail and battle as a human. Superman however is far beyond human in strength and movement, forcing any opponent in a game to be of equal or marginally lesser, but how can you go about doing that?

I look at games like Infamous to try and ascertain an idea, but still it's hard to compare because he's...

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COD is a very different game. Firstly the game has a lower latency rate, meaning that there is less time between the input on the controller being registered.
Secondly COD is ridiculously fast the movement. KZ was always meant to be a grounded game where you feel add if you are wearing pounds of equipment and lugging the weight of a weapon.

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