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Imagine signing a lifelong contract that Sony probably wants without thinking ahead of the changes the video game industry will see in 5 years. Microsoft can actually be the ones to use the whole "protection" false narrative Sony is throwing out there.

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And yet after multiple complaints, nothing has been done. Why is that? Could it be that those that are against the merger and against sexual harassment can't, and have done... nothing. Apparently you believe it doesn't take anything extreme to have a change that can actually affect a publisher the size of Activision-Blizzard. You are probably ok with the status quo. Maybe you alone can make a difference by not buying their games in protest. How naive.

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How is it game over? Have you seen the arguments from both sides? The inclusion of Switch receiving COD that has how many owners that will be able to play COD? The employees that are saved from sexual harassment scandals under the current leaders, unionization, backing of gaming CEOs (Newell, Zelnick), etc. If it were just gaming related, sure. But Activision has such a stain on it, new leadership is needed.

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If the doubt was towards me, here's my PSN ID (RuthlessNezz83). Now doubt that. Gahahahahaha!

Heaven forbid someone doesn't bend over for Sony consoles that have left the buyer disappointed.

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The beauty of the Xbox/Windows ecosystem makes having an Xbox important if you are not always at home. I plan on playing Starfield on a 4090 if I'm lucky. But there are some weekends I am not home. Luckily for me, I have a Series X at my girlfriend's home. So as is the case for most Xbox 1st party games, I can continue my progress at her house and not feel like letting her spend the weekend alone.

And before you ask why she can't come home with me certain weeke...

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I'm in the same boat. Selling my PS5 also. This gen is weird. It's like consoles are not required to play AAA games. Sure, there is the period of time a game launches on a Sony console and then PC months or a few years later. But with patience, you can have a better experience performance and visual wise.

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Every time someone uses sales I just use the Toyota vs Ferrari example. Toyota always will sell more. Both are great. But we know which of the two is better.

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That's Tencent. Blaming Microsoft shows how hurt you are that your favorite console could not afford to buy Bethesda.

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Talking about popup or the lack of proper reflection updating, the green car at the 54 second mark has a texture morph or do something taken out of R&C: Rift Apart and at the 1:21 mark, those reflections on all the cars in the tunnel look horrid.

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You sound like a complete buffoon. Going by your typing skills, if you did study what you claim to have studied, it must've been at some community college under a high school basement.

Are you trying to say Horizon 5 and the series as a whole are more along the lines of a R&C title? Just because a game uses a more colorful palette and higher contrast/saturation doesn't mean it's more on the cartoonish side. Hell, look at fighters. Was Str...

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What are you talking about? There's a reason why people prefer HDR over resolution. The extension of the color gamut adds colors to what we are more likely to see in real life. Hence why a game could look great without HDR but have too much contrast making it look cartoony. Hell even techradar says it.

"HDR is bringing media closer to what the human eye sees, and by doing so, is creating more realistic images, from scenes bleached with sunlight ...

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Colorful? Someone has not seen Horizon 5 in HDR or Dolby Vision. You know, features that try to make colors more vivid and realistic at the same time. In Dolby Vision, everyone I asked about its looks have said it looks realistic. Gran just looks flat. And sure, Youtube videos lose detail. But it should not look bland. They do have time to adjust small little details. But as someone with a PS5, I'm not too excited. I'll pick it regardless. Just don't know if the immersion is there...

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Huh??? I mean there's less to render since it's a closed track racer. You can crank up textures, AA, density, and car models. I expect this and Forza 8 to look better than a huge open-world racer like Horizon 5.

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Funny as I just tweeted Phil Spencer about Midtown Madness 3. I want a remake before a new entry. Man, that game would do good on gamepass. But I would definitely buy that physically or digitally.

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You idiots must have sad lives that any opportunity you see, you just have to say something dumb. Keep living in misery like your favorite console company gives 2 dog poops about you.

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There are a lot of good looking racing games. What Horizon does differently is look amazing while giving you a huge map to explore at the same time.

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You can always own your games. I always buy Microsoft's big games. But for those that I'm not sure about, game pass is perfect. I get a full game to try out for a monthly subscription fee that I normally wouldn't purchase. If I like it, I'll buy it. I don't know how much developers make on game pass, but at least they receive something from people that normally would not try their games if not for game pass.

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I have an issue with the lack of campaign, so I can respond about your COD message. I buy a new Call of Duty every 3 or 4 iterations. And I'll assure you that I have not finished one of its campaigns in a long time. Modern Warfare 2 to be exact. I prefer Battlefield's campaigns more. So for the price, I would want a complete package.

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70 dollars for an online multiplayer game only? Doesn't seem like good business.

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