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I want Gilgamesh to be the secret boss.

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It's a good game. But there are many annoying design flaws that it irks me whenever I hear anyone say things like "Breath of the Wild is the best Zelda game," "Breath of the Wild is the best game ever," "Breath of the Wild is the best game this year," or give it a perfect score. It is one of the few Zelda games that did not leave me satisfied at the end compared to the hype that I had for it.

Oh well. I'll be trying it again once hard m...

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I expect support for the 3DS will be completely cut off by sometime in 2019 at the latest, maybe even the end of 2018. Aside from the Metroid II remake and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there likely won't be any notable titles between now and then. The 3DS *might* get one more set of Pokemon games after Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon before being completely unsupported, however. If this happens, my money is on Diamond/Pearl remakes using the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon engine, since they won&#...

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Was excited for this game when it was announced.
Got even more excited after various character gameplay trailers.
Got more excited after watching Sony's E3 2017 conference.

Then... As soon as I played the demo... I lost almost all of my excitement for the game.

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I wonder if they will keep the top down look of previous games or if they will revamp the series to have a controllable camera that follows the character along the x/z axis.

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Overall, I can't decide on whether I liked Microsoft or Nintendo most this year.

EA: 4/10, being generous. Terrible conference. Mostly showed sports games as usual. A good portion was Battlefront 2, but it was poor footage. No footage of the "hyped" single player, multiplayer gameplay footage was extremely hard to follow since they kept switching characters and didn't show what strategies, tactics, or goals were part of the match. Announced Anthem but no ...

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Maybe better in terms of story, but god the gameplay was boring as hell. Hopefully they remake the original 4 with the battle system of G.U.

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And the only exclusive games that it will have are shooters and driving games.

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Have yet to play 6. Been waiting for a decent remake.

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I still feel that FF7 was an overrated FF game. I enjoyed 4, 8, 9, 10, and even Crisis Core more than FF7 itself. Honestly I felt most of 7's characters were fairly weak at first. Crisis Core was what made 7's characters stronger.

So I am definitely on the more positive side of the remake. I feel like it will be a more enjoyable experience.

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Not sure why this is a surprise to people. The definitive version/sequels to each generation has always stuck to the same system as the other games of the generation, even if a new system had already released, and it never came to a home console. Emerald came out for GBA at around the same time as the DS (before in Japan, after in America). B/W came out for the DS right before the 3DS released. B/W2 came out for the DS a year and a half after the 3DS released and had been selling well.

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I am far from a Nintendo hater. I have grown up with Nintendo, and Zelda is one of my all time favorite video game series. I was excited as hell for BotW to the point that I bought the switch, a zelda switch skin and case, all of the BotW amiibos, a BotW hat, etc. You would think I was the ultimate Zelda fanboy if you saw me at the midnight launch.

But never before have I been as disappointed with a home console Zelda game as I am with...

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The sheer amount of detail put into the pictures is outstanding. There is a very good chance it is real, and if so, I really hope they add a few new characters.

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Now we just wait for the localization announcement

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Persona 5 and Horizon: Zero Dawn are both amazing games and overall better than Breath of the Wild. (There are so many issues with BotW and it really doesn't deserve all the perfect scores it is getting).

But face it, BotW's popularity completely trumps both Persona 5 and Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the majority of people who play it seem to think it is a flawless game. So despite Persona 5 and Horizon being better games, it is very likely that Breath of the Wild will w...

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If this gets announced for NA at E3 as a release later this year, I will be happy.

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This and 1-2 switch are games that should have been included with the switch to be honest.

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Bloodborne is still one of my favorite games of all time, but its content didn't quite reach the extent of other Souls games. If Bloodborne 2 has more weapons, more armor, more NPCs, and more sidequests, I will be really happy.

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Not the worst, but definitely not the best

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