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yup I had Grandia 2 on DC and it was amazing for the time. I would like to see a full on remake at this point though. It deserves more recognition

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looks pretty great on my pc

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paragon was pretty mediocre compared to other games in the genre

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glad I got a demo on PC...………. oh well I already prepurchased it

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right most games dont have a high adoption rate like Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 will have.

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It's funny the big deal gaming journalist make about this but thousands of other jobs have crazy hours all the time.

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odd I run it well in 4k on just my 2080

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too bad the textures for backgrounds looks awful..cool you fixed the faces but everything else is mehhh

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@Tech5 A mess?? really this will definitely end up GOTY 2020 and maybe the best game of the decade...glad I didnt lose my mind over changes for the better...visual downgrades....hmmm not really....wait to the game comes out ...its definitely going to look way better on the next gen and PC.

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you obviously have not discovered POV porn yet

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I mean I am not a rich man but just buy a PS4 and a Switch people and you dont have to worry about it

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maybe but I enjoy AC far more

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isnt this what happens on everything on Metacritic its why review average systems like rotten tomatoes are broke

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Yup people are mad because this adds more competition, lower prices through competitive sales and more games in general coming to PC because of it. People are soooo much in a blind rage that they do not see the benefits of a Store attempting to be relevant with Steam.

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They do offer preloading just not for Borderlands 3

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still on your PC bro...stop being weird and brave and strong

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Gamespews horrible journalist makes this a horrible article.

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at the end of the day its about the gameplay and its enjoyable

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Nope that was just me taking a pee on it

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