I just want Gran Turismo 5...


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No. No. No. Stop. I knew there would be one of you guys that'd be like "Well, it didn't happen to me, durpdaderp." Well, it's happening to everybody else, and 4 others that I know. It is a real problem. Have you seen the way arcade machines and old school controllers were treated back in the day during long, horrific hours of gaming, repeatedly smashing buttons? I want to make as fast of movements as I damn well please when evading clusters in Resogun on veteran, so plea...

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"Little better."


- Tons more first party support.
- Affordable $400 price tag
- More gaming centric
- Playstation Plus rapes Games For Gold.

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I'm having this exact same problem and let me tell you, as an owner of 2 of them, I expect full replacements/repairs to be made with proper rubber. It's GREAT while it's there, but wears down in about a slid week of play. What a stupid fuck-up.

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Tap L2 while in the menu, or simply say "Playstation." You can configure the voice functionality in the settings.

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Anybody remember Naughty Dog going to that space place?

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I think it'll be a better announcement than that. And that's a pretty good announcement.

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+1 Bub, hahaha, I was going to do the same :D

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I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY!!! YEEEESSSS! Wish it was online:(

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I'm almost positive it's for a retro effect. All platformers do it.

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It's also to prevent the vents on the back of the console from being covered in the event of an un-educated consumer sliding it all the way back in their entertainment system.

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You're an idiot, plain and simple, so report me, idiot. I just thought your idiotic self should know how much of an idiot you are.

Bye, Village idiot.

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I feel they should just let Treyarch make the best possible game they can on a new engine for about 3 years, and if that doesn't work, then I dunno...

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The little kids don't know facts, they'll just scream "Mommy, all I want is an Xbox."

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While we're at it, let's not forget to say fuck IGN.

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Elzer, you sound like a sour, pouty little kid that storms out of the living room with a red hot face, tears and snot running down it screaming "I---DON'T----WANNA!. "

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I was coming to this same article just to make all of these jokes that are above :D

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Ok, blockheads, let me run through a couple things. Not only was this game re-released on current gen consoles at FULL PRICE A WHOLE YEAR LATER (with no extra content, at that) but this game is released by one of the most well funded, no, THE most well funded publisher on the planet. So it astounds me that you people would just take another 60 right up the tail pipe. You're telling me a discount of 30, 20, even 10 BUCKS isn't justified after THREE RELEASES of a TWO YEAR OLD GAME? Tha...

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If they don't have an upgrade deal for those who have bought it on PS3, I'm going to be infuriated. If they have the nerve to make you buy the same game THREE times in a row, then wow. Two times, I get it. Different experiences. But they better have some type of discount, especially because I bought the PS3 version digitally. It's tethered to everybody's account, so there is no excuses.

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It'd be pretty cool if during the ride you can play the console on a screen built into the dash or something.

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I like the prospect of facial login and voice control right out of the box, so yes. The multimedia features such as streaming and what not is what has sold me on it as opposed to whether or not developers will take advantage of it, which is a given. I'd assume any features multiplatform devs craft for the Kinect would be able to cross over to the Eye for the most part.

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