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Haven’t played the first one since it came out for the ps4. Just watching the first episode made me want to replay it to just see how well they stick to the game and the environment

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Why make it wireless though? It’s marketed to competitive players..

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This game keeps getting worse. Sounds like it will land on gamepass in a matter of months to try and get more people to try it.

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I think they need to worry about getting rid of everyone in charge before even thinking about any of that stuff. They need to put people that care about the game and not the money it will bring in.

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What are you talking about? If anything this helps the resale market because those with series s consoles can download games the physically own and don’t have to rebuy the game.
This would be great if Sony can do the same with the digital ps5

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Game was fun after a couple of runs but after that it was bland and repetitive. I believe that if it weren’t for gamepass they would have done a lot worse.

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What's fair about a company racking in billions? They just want extra cash like they are doing with $70 dollar games. Pathetic

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Do it in Portland

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But Xbox consoles are still selling. That’s what matters. It would be a totally different story if they weren’t selling as well as they are. Even without any games they are selling

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Wait so Microsoft paid someone to lower supply on the ps5?

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It’s just a step closer to Sony adding exclusives day one to be able to compete with gamepass

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Ultimate dumpster fire

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I hope turn 10 can see what’s going on with this and not make the same mistake for Forza Motorsport 8. If they follow the same path then I won’t buy the game.

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Find out in the next episode of dragon ball z!!!!!

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It’s like a hit or miss with these controllers. I’m still using my elite one and got it day one of release.

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This game is great. I love how you can just get lost wandering around enjoying the environment then some ducking bear decides to appear out of thin air.

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Same! Will probably buy on sale after I beat demon souls

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It’s great but sometimes it’s a bit to much such like shooters. Like in R&C it started to hurt my finger and sometimes it doesn’t shoot when I want to because the trigger is still trying to add tension. I’m not to sure if that’s a mechanic that was purposely added but it’s annoying. For demon souls it’s great like arrows. I’m assuming for racing you lol feel everything

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Wretch is where true souls fans start

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