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I understand what your saying but Sony won’t be the company to make it happen. Seems like Facebook and Microsoft are ahead of the game which is the metaverse (don’t agree with). Sony would basically put all their money in one basket to make it happen.

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Vr is still iffy. psvr has sold roughly 5 million units since 2016. That’s not that many but does lead the rest of the market due to its simplicity. Maybe it will selll more units this gen but it’s still a small market and not many games will have support for it. I

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Just remake dk64

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Just give us an other guitar hero

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From software is to big for them I think. Just with the news Sony lost 20 billion

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Earliest would be June 2022

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It would be a dumb move by Microsoft to keep cod an xbox exclusive. You will get so much more money that way and hopefully revive cod into something that it used to be.

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EazyC I doubt it either but you never know. I would think it would just be streaming though

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You bring up a great point. Tencent has been a sleeping giant

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I honestly think they will keep releasing on PlayStation but have exclusive modes. Orrrrrrr they will allow gamepass app on PlayStation???

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I wonder how this happened. Blizzard has not been in the best spot in the last couple of months like employees going on strike. Do you guys think Microsoft approached blizzard before or after shit started hitting the fan??

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Sunset was and is an amazing game

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Uhhhhh like I can get if they want this game to be played for years but what percent of gamers are just going to plow 500+ hours into a game that is not a multiplayer game

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Ehhh don’t care got all 3

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That’s great that the ps4 has it. Don’t see why the the ps5 doesn’t.

Never stated it being next gen either. Just something useful that the Xbox has which is available across the Xbox on to the series.

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I find this feature extremely useful on my Xbox. Rather they rummage through my storage to find the game. Hopefully Sony can add this soon

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I guess that purchase by Microsoft wasn’t a bad deal at al

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Yet an other game you don’t like

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I’m excited to try out gunk

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I can see this team work up a lot of ps1,ps2, and maybe ps3 into Sony’s idea of gamepass.

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