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Eventually completed the game on ps5, it was alright. The side quests were good but I missed out on a secret ending because of some obscure dialogue options which was annoying. The stealth was also hilariously poor.

Being unable to reset skill points and the ending eventually forcing for me ruined my excitement for this dlc. It will need to improve the game fundamentally.

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Good work from Capcom.

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If the UK isn't the place for business perhaps Msoft should push ahead with the acquisition and remove their services from the UK!

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Frame rate wars are silly.

A locked 30 is fine if the graphical fidelity justifies it, a locked 60 is fine and an unlocked 60+ is fine as long as drops aren't jarring.

Redfall runs poorly all round and the graphical fidelity does not justify 30fps.

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Nvidia dislike the CMA anyway so this means nothing.

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Yes if it's a significant upgrade as I can give the ps5 to a relative. I would expect 1440p 120 and 4k 60 minimum though.

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Have you seen Sony's share price over the last year!?

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I agree!

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Haha, as if I'd like about my experience with Cyberpunk, a game notorious for it's glitches.

Don't be a shill, it's embarrassing.

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Funny this. I just started Cyberpunk and a few hours in, the game put me in a restart loop for failing a tutorial and hard crashed once when walking to a quick travel terminal.

These Devs are awful.

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Or the game was a buggy mess on release?

I tried to play it as part of the playstation collection and didn't enjoy it personally.

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Such a stupid take. The gaming community can be an embarrassment at times.

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To be fair, even if the leaks are true, you won't experience it until you play the game.

Same happened with TLOU 2, and by the time I competed it, some leaks were incorrect.

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They do, Gamespot pinned the correction to top comment.

I think the button bindings changed.

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Sounds good, shame the collectors edition isn't coming to the UK.

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How did they know today was the pre order date?

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Within 6 months? Get it replaced by warranty.

I had a couple changed during the 12 months coverage Sony provide.

Sometimes things break down and there are manufacturing errors...

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Shadow Warrior 3 is worth a play and pretty short, can easily play before it's removed.

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That's a shame, alongside some questionable driver ratings too!

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Cars don't look like they have weight and look plasticy, same as Forza 6.

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