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They both will.
If they just keep trashing the one though, maybe it will do poorly because of magic.

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I use "broski" as an androgynous replacement for friend. Not just for dudes.
I wasn't trying to be dickish either. It's just the way that you worded it, really. It sounds no different, how you put it, than that out of the mouth of a Sony PR person.
I did, however, assume you were a dude.

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You sound like a Sony press conference.
Chill a bit, broski.

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I think that sort of makes his point.
It being PC hardware, there's not that much going on under the hood that isn't already understood by developers.
With it being PC tech and the power of the PS4 so vastly surpassing that of the Xbox, why is there an arguably better looking exclusive on the One?

As you said, time will tell. Sort of what I took from his original post to begin with.

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Original Xbox.
Really takes me back. Good times.

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Says the guy whose PS4 exclusive is looking a bit on the meh side of things.
Something tells me he is a PS fanboy.

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Where others seem to be warming up to the system and what it now is, what it can be in the future . . . this site remains, as always, an anti-Xbox circle-jerk.

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Could never get into the series having originally missed it. Any of the first three games, in my opinion, are just too dated . . . though that means missing out on the story.

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Great game.
Fantastic port.

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And yet it is a high profile CONSOLE game being pirated in this situation.

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Really depends on the game. Things like RTS and FPS? I would almost always go with a keyboard + mouse. I do, however, use gamepad for most other things.

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It ended up being a good game.
Oops. Deal with it.

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Who ever said Microsoft has never done this? You see articles about it here all the time. People bring it up every chance they get.

People here...
Even in an article involving something purely about Sony, they need to make Microsoft the target.
It's comical.

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Casuals are now going tablets.
PC gamers, as always, are building or buying proper rigs.

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Never understood the purpose behind this. Pay top dollar for what is essentially a limited PC with decent enough specs.
Just buy/build a PC at that point.

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Never said anyone was stupid for liking consoles. It is what it is and console tech is console tech. You are just really reaching with that last post and you are certainly putting words in my mouth with that one.
As the realness below me stated, it is silly to believe that console tech, even that in the PS4, will be able to do anything that hasn't, as of today, been seen on PC.
You got mad about me stating a point, on a site where I have to hear how PS4 tech was literally ...

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I don't resort to penis jokes almost instantly.
All I am saying.

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Responses like that is what fuels the stereotype that consoles are for children.

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You're the one who is stuck with weak tech until 2020 or so.

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