Why do fanboys exist?
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I'm a lvl 73 and have come across my fair share of trolls and all around a-holes and I know that yarbie is full of it when they say they haven't come across a single one. Now for the people getting out of the building during reinforcing time, I've just had that happen to me for the first time 2 days ago. This game, for whatever reason, is my favorite game by far since its release.

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It would be AMAZING if Sony had some sort of trade in program to trade my black one in for the MGSV one or even the taken king one. I definitely don't regret being a day one owner of a ps4 but I am a bit envious at the amazing LE consoles people are getting now :'(

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I'm not too hot on the console design, it just seems a little empty (doesn't mean I hate it) but I really do like the controller. One of the Xbox ones only good LE's was their advanced warfare one. I really loved the controller on that one too. I feel this author could be a scorned xbox/cod fanboy who's mad that he'll have to wait a month longer for DLC now or something because this was a terrible article. Who knows.

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Nah. I've got DriveClub so I'd say that too is a ludicrous statement.

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I am not at all a fan of the series but I did buy brotherhood and absolutely loved it. Couldn't get through more than an hour on all the other AC titles except for Black Flag which really was a solid game for what I remember, just had other games at the time I'd rather play

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I agree with everything you said except you must give Isaac a shot! It's my most played ps+ game by far. Almost no two playthroughs will ever be the same which makes it a blast

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I think it's my favorite game of this gen so far. It's definitely my most played. I was a HUGE fan of the Project Gotham Racing series(my club name in driveclub is PGR Club) and the handling of the cars has such a similar feel and then the graphics are amazing (use the photo mode constantly) and the tracks and weather are fantastic. I too am a proud day one owner of the game and I am more than willing to buy another season pass if they continue to make content. The only downside this ...

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The first 3 years of last gen I had just a 360 and LOVED the controller. Picked up a PS3 eventually but the controller is what kept me from using it often until I gradually converted to using just the PS3 (free online gaming back in high school is the reason). Looking back I think the Xbox controller was better last gen but I REALLY like the dualshock4 for my PS4 and being used to that controller is keeping me from picking up an Xbone because comfort is a big thing for me. But to each their o...

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But like you said, at least they "know" her

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If I'm not mistaken, I think Paul Rutchynsky addressed a few months ago on his Twitter that new courses are still a possibility but no new locations. But with Japan being a location, my dreams of racing through Tokyo at night aren't dead yet! Nor is my dreams of Japanese cars. Fingers crossed for both

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What a titillating article

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Is there any possibility of me talking my way into losing a bubble instead?

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Hmmm Cloyd Glynne or Onyx Whitebone.....

Second choice isn't too shabby. At least compared to the first lol

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I don't think it'll be infamous since they already did the DLC for it and if I'm not mistaken, I think I've read around that a PS+ DriveClub edition is kind of an afterthought for them at the moment and might not ever be available. Makes me happy I ready bought both of them and the season pass for DriveClub. But I personally don't care if it's not a AAA game as log as its not another 2-D side scroller.

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And people wonder why law enforcement makes bad judgment calls sometimes because they don't know the difference between nonsense and an actual threatening crime until it's too late. It's because of morons like this that makes such a problem for everyone. All types of false reports are going out there everyday without the law having knowledge of that while responding to a call. I hope this kid and anyone like him gets the full extent of any law broken.

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At least now we can all say gaming is the cause behind someone's death and not blaming some crazy person with a gun.

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A level cap of 30 without paying for DLC is not true. You can rank up to a high 31 but the reason you can't reach 32 is because you need the raid armor and the only way to get that is by buying the dlc to unlock the raid. But outside of raid specific items, everything is possible to get and use if you don't buy the DLC. As for your opinions, I complet disagree with them entirely.

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I don't know. I might pick up the $29.99 PS+ One year subscription with the purchase of a dualshock 4. For whatever reason mines been acting up so why not have an excuse to get a new one.

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I wonder if the light bar affects the color of them at all.

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I'm sorry but I have to completely disagree with your statement about fans of popular FPS games not being caught dead to be playing minecraft. I'm a huge FPS fan and minecraft happens to be one of my favorite games because of the completely different experiences it offers.

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