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Yeah just a typical troll. Forza has always been praised for its amazing realistic audio. Will sound good with my Dolby Atmos setup too. Next step steering wheel and pedals

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Probably the only sensible comment in this whole thread.

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More salt in here then the Pacific Ocean 😂

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I'm considering buying the new Logitech steering wheel for this game.. probably go all out and get the racing seat too. Game looks so good. My mates will be jealous

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I'm disappointed cause I really wanna buy this game 😔

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If I said ps4 gamers are the cancer of gaming I would get blocked on this site. Surprise surprise. He gets away with it.

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Cancer of gaming? I reported you for being offensive

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Also did you guys notice how slow aiming and moving is compared to D1? Like D1 i could get precision shots on everything. Aiming in d2 i find sloppy.I think the updated graphics has slowed movement and aiming down. Kinda wrecked it. Maybe xbox1s cant handle the updated graphics.who knows. Very disappointed cause I loved Destiny.

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Dude I go to a games store and I see one side blue and the other side green. Are you trying to tell me that that green side there is no xbox games at all. Delusional much.

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Yea so true. Dumb read that one

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Dodgy Sony up to their old tricks.

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Its not confirmed on xbox1x cause its not out yet . Plain and simple. It will easily run 4k on xbox .

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SEPTIC you are da man 😂

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It is expensive. Im gonna trade in my old xbox one in. Might get $100 cheaper.

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Dude that is disgusting and hilarious at the same time 😂

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100% agree with u moldy

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Obviously it wont fill that huge gap but dam its one impresseive console. I will buy one day one.

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