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They look GReat! Cant wait to play

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releasing oct 12, same day as pokemon. smart smart move lol

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3DS is incredibly relevant

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Too busy playing Monster Hunter 4

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this game just doesnt feel as special at all compared to the first two for some reason

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Capcom must be lovin Nintendo right now

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amazing to think that this also had a digital download earlier than the release and they till turned out that big, just imagine pokemon.

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"Meanwhile, the Nintendo 2DS will come out and will probably sell quite well at first thanks to a well-timed Pokemon release. But all the 2DS really is is an admission that the 3DS is ultimately a failure."

what? lol, that literally made no sense.

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Im totally getting a charizard

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Looks nice

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Not surprised, Nintendo makes great handhelds, this is going to sell big in christmas

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Okay the Vita is the worst selling handheld game system, and the 3DS is the best selling handheld system. Better for you? THe vita is losing bad, how does nintendo need relevance when the vita is getting its butt kicked by the 3DS?

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They have the best selling game system in America, Japan, and Europe. I think they are well beyond relevant, cant say the same for the Vita.

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People B****ed about the ipad for months. Every media outlet said it was stupid, all of the internet said it was stupid. THey called it a fat unportable ipod touch. Not only that, they made fun of the name, said it sounded like a tampon.. There was nothing right about this product in their eyes, and guess what, it became a massive massive hit, and everyone does tablets now.

The point is the internets opinion on things doesnt really matter, the 2DS will probably sell incredibl...

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Yes yes yes yes that sounds too beast

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Wow that was an epic unexpected moment

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That is the dumbest thing i have ever heard

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holy crap that is incredible, well done pokemon x and y, well done.

Im gonna have GTA V and Pokemon X and Y in a month apart?!? This is going to be epic :O :O

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well it sold the most hardware, sold the most software, and made the most money. Yes it is that successful

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