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In 2013, they held a PS4 reveal event at this time, so I doubt they would still be secretive about a new console launching this year. Could be wrong, but it's not Sony's M.O.

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In 2013, they had a reveal event already

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N4G is getting out of control with these pro-xbox, anti-playstation articles. Did Microsoft threaten to kill their dogs if they didn't start a war on Sony or something?

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N4G is really on an anti-Sony, pro-xbox spree this week. Almost all the articles chosen are negative for Sony and positive for Xbox. Were they getting shit for being too pro-Sony or something?

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They held back just a little too much. One big surprise would have been nice.

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The worst aspect of the game for me in Ryuji's Insta-kill skill. It makes it so when you ambush an enemy at a lower level than you, it automatically ends the fight with you obtaining a persona. The problem is that you get no experience for it.

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Cool. I know a couple of people who need a change of heart. :-)

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Hey Forbes, I own PS4, Xbox One, and a gaming PC, and in my humble opinion, PS4 does indeed have the best exclusives - by a mile. PC is great if you prefer RTS and Sim games, but it just doesn't compare when it comes to action/adventure and RPGs (or anything other than RTS and Sim games).

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Death threats and lewd attacks are a sign of really poor upbringing, plain and simple. Garbage in, garbage out.

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I've been waiting for the day turn-based makes a comeback. Let's hope.

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Better than the toilet, I suppose.

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I got mine today too. It's working great. It's really a high-tech tablet with a docking station. Nothing wrong with that - that's just what it "feels like". I'm not a fan of the controller (kinda small for adult hands), but I ordered the Pro controller, so that should take care of that problem. And Zelda is fun.

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It's human nature. First, you have to pick a side. Then you have to knock the other side to lift yourself up. Most people do it, including many Nintendo fans (see all the comments about what crap HZD is compared to Zelda), so it's not just Sony fans.

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Nioh is pretty damn good too.

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As you get older (take it from me), you become increasingly intolerant of people's bullshit, so your evolution away from PVP and a-holes online is natural.

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Yeah, but his friend's mom makes $95/hr. Because he mentioned someone's mom, it must be real. I mean, how can you not look into it when you could be making that kind of money just hanging out on Facebook? LOL

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You can also summon other players for help, like in Souls.

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Now people are going to complain that you can't have more than one external HDD. If they allowed 2, people would complain that it's anti-consumer to not allow for 5 external HDDs.

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Well, I've seen a couple other reviews on N4G that were 9's, so guess we'll have to see. Like any game, it's a matter of taste.

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Just checked Amazon. Well, that sold out quickly.

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