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I love that it's the Switch who has a good E3. This generation is shaping how I want it to. Nintendo possibly making a comeback and Sony in the driver's seat. Microsoft needs to work on itself a little. Xbox-X was a good start but going back the principles of the first console having a bunch of diverse exclusive games is where they need to go.

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Destined to flop.

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It was a huge lie that's why. It's years off and they basically sold their fanbase a huge poop sandwich to eat and swallow. Then they just slyly hope everyone forgets.

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Anyone who denies this is clearly delusional by now and in a huge state of denial. That is the plain truth.

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Dumping on games I see. Plus the VR support. Plus the great Indies. The Sony machine oozes games.

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Most of the titles cone out within the year. At best 2018. So.. not really that far.

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Yes they won by a wide margin. That Uncharted game was way better, Spiderman, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, the VR games looked like it has a few winners too. They had great VR content that was all new and since it's VR all exclusive. It was a blowout in Sony's favor but our fans are spoiled and are used to constantly getting showered with games. So some might see it as a BUNCH of games we already know about. It's still a huge impressive list anyways. Detroit was really good...

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Wrong all accounts but most of you are always wrong. So whatever. The Sony dominance likely continues with what they showed.

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Only if Anthem were a exclusive right?

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They did show Ninokuni in the pre show. There was almost a hour of even more games shown before the actual press conference.

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There was so many games a bunch of nice ones showed up in the preshow that lasted hour. It was non-stop games with very little talking.

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They will order the PSvirtual reality headset more than X1X. It has more exclusive games.

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Shadow of the Colossus, Spiderman, a bunch of VR games. Some of those even looked fun.

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Shadow of the Colossus alone was better than anything Microsoft showed. Spiderman, the new Uncharted, Detroit gameplay, God of War, their VR games beat out Xbox-X. Lmao. There is more exclusive exciting content on their VR headset than Microsoft has. 😂

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I felt their VR presentation alone beat Microsoft. Whatever. It's not like Metro and Anthem are exclusives for Xbox.

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Alot of games you'll be imagining playing like Detroit, God of War, Uncharted, VR games.

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So many games. This one looks very interesting.

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I may be a little bias but not really. I think they blew Microsoft's guts out with a double barrel shotgun. Personally think it wasn't even close they mopped the floor with Xbox-X. Sony is like the Warriors of tonight. Overwhelming and completely in control.

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I'm wearing a diaper for any mishaps or explosions. I'm ready.

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I'll too my horn if they show a dead canary. It'll be more exciting than Xbox-X​ and stuff. Crackdown minus explosions and racing game number 100.

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