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Everyone is a sellout, especially the big fish like this idiot.

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Kickstarter brings us so many gems it's hard to believe people will cry about MN9 just because it got delayed and ended up mediocre, and a few scams are out there. Just be careful what you back, don't throw all your money at anything and everything. I'm not disappointed with anything I backed.

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No, SJW scum. There's a LOT wrong with FF XV but this is NOT one of the problems.

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No, that would be Project Fusion for 3DS.

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Anyone know how the online multiplayer is, and if it is cross-play/cross-buy? Very interested.

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PS3 version cancelled but not Vita? Where's all the "Vita is dead" people?

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Never heard of SD Gundam?

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Three of the best games for the system.

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I heard there's a chance of physical.

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"Way to downplay the Wii and virtually ignore software sales/attach rates of many of Nintendo's games on their systems despite sales of the units themselves.
This isn't a trend that will only get worse, and btw, Sony has been in the exact same situation since the PS2 yet I don't see you mentioning that."

Way to ignore Virtual Boy. I specifically eliminated the outliers which were Wii and Virtual Boy, each on the opposite end of the spectrum o...

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Unfortunately I think that was for the wrong reasons; a lack of single player content, which shouldn't be an issue compared to the quality of the multiplayer gameplay. Modes and functions were sparse and unaccommodating but that shouldn't reflect much on a game focus on balanced, fun, multiplayer action. Maybe dock half a point for that. If it weren't for the censorship I'd rate the game an 8.5/10. -1 point for unimpressive graphics and -0.5 point for poor feature implementati...

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That is nuts. I guess Nintendo is going to double down on Mobile from now on...

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I love SFV but this game needs to be boycotted.

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Accidentally disagreed, I completely agree.

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"I call BS.
You'd never prioritize Pokemon over stuff like GoW, R&C, Horizon, Death Stranding, CoD, etc etc etc, so there's not enough wallet priority from people like you, for Nintendo to make enough money to counter the drop in hardware sales, however small it is, that would result.
It would be especially stupid because it would cause the illusion that they have no faith in the NX and are spreading games out to cover for expectations of lower hardware sa...

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Exactly. It's just a new IP Capcom is scared to release so they slapped the RE franchise name on it.

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