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except console exclusives

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they said in honestness crysis 2 had way more detail than the first game

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i always expect pc and 360 versions of multiplats to look better than the ps3 version anyway so who cares

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it can dramatically increase weapon power and its incredibly effective when you have a silencer on your gun

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seeing through walls, knowing people are behind you or where ever they are without you ever having to move gun or anytime you ads or cock a grenade or use any weapon its auto aimed for you where an enemy or multiple enemies are without you needing uav, radar, motion sensor, blackbird, heartbeat sensor, or someone firing their gun even if they are wearing ghost or cold blooded, thats called aimbot, wallhack, esp, etc.

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well im 22 and ill pick cod over battlefield

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who cares not like it was rebuilt from the ground up on ps3 and 360

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dont know which rage comparisons youve seen

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yay the pc version looks a little shinier while it is the lead platform yay pc is a winner

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bulletstorm on pc looks better than uncharted 3 but only if your talking about the nes port of uncharted 3 and no im not trolling oh yeah and i just saw bulletstorm maxed for pc and trust me i can tell you never played one game for the uncharted series on a ps3 on your tv or anyones tv or even seen it on a tv probably havent even seen a video of it

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im watching the walkthrough and it seems good to me the main purpose of rage wasnt probably making a good game entirely but making the id 5 tech thats where the money made is going to happen for id when developers want to use this engine for their games

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strange i aint seeing 2 times better visuals, and infact when looking at uncharted 3 i want to see that alot more than anything i want to see on pc

as a matter o fact i still dont see 2 times better visuals from pc, i say the ps3 still to me is pushing visuals that make me say "i cant believe its not cg" thats how the visuals have looked since launch on ps3 starting with gengi and its moving even further into that range of visuals and ingame

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ive seen dx11 and this oben gl 4.1 and if thats the next generation then i would just rather stay with ps3 and 360 in alot of areas that would be a regression in visuals

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good luck ill buy no more games if they ever stopped making call of duty games unless you mean treyarch

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so much for the incredible pc power

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mw3 ftw

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dont know where your getting these comparisons but you mustve meant all these 5 times better versus ps2 and xbox 1 if there was a version for those two

i would say crytek is right, this would explain why you wont see uncharted and killzone and god of war on pc ps3 games look really cgish and ingame at the same time only in a multiplat will you see this "5 times better" graphics versus a game which i would think would be you actually playing real life literally

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why are 1% less of ps3 games running at 1080p? cause the max a tv can run at currently on the market for a standard tv is 1080p and they still arent exactly cheap as a 720p tv would be so why waste extra effort to make the game 1080p and all the buyers of the game wont be able to use 1080p anyway? its a waste of processing power, pcs can run higher than 1080p since pc monitors can have far higher resolutions than that.

AA above 4xs? you know i love how you pc fans say these t...

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be cause they pushed some pcs to the limit they maxed out a super computer chip and a gpu coupled with that the cell processor being a chip sony used in sony pictures studios yeah thats really maxed because of pc

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