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exclusively on pc? well unless they remade it with fully with a photorealism visual type engine or developed it from the ground up with a photorealistic engine, what they would achieve would be no where near what they have achieved currently on ps3, cause it has yet to be proven that the pcs you pc fans tout so much can do great visuals outside of photorealism, this cell processor is the reason that these visuals are at a cg quality and the other ps3 exclusives and thats the cell processor th...

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there are tons of cgi low to high end cgis, such as the ff7 cgis and even the final fantasy 10 cgis, and then you have at the top of the tier avatar, so yes ps3 exclusives are definitely ingame playable at a cgi level, but im not gonna waste my time telling any butthurt pc fan this oh well

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i still dont see how anyone could think battlefield games are fun, i cant say they arent good, but fun i dont see how

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i wont answer cause i dont want to sound like a fanboy anything like battlefield fans towards cod

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its so much stuff wrong with battlefield 3 and this game is really really really expensive and only worth 30 bones trade in at gamestop how many battlefield fans will keep defending EA and battlefield

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I have an easy way to dominate, lay in prone in one of the many DARK DARK DARK corners and just lay waste to any passing enemy, you will surely go positive.

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better than battlefield 3, or battlefield 3 will ALWAYS be nothing more than an opinion or joint agreed opinion, which in truth is fanism of people really inside know that the opposite game that they said the game they say is better than that game is actually better than the game they say is better than that game so he cant tell you if its "better" than battlefield 3, more fun definitely thats not an opinion battlefield maps are way to big to be fun

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outsold by battlefield 3? lol

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i know hes talking about its not possible on any other platform period

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look better as they should but only from the perspective of real life looks better than any graphics or art man made so ofcourse it "looks" better or they "look" better than uncharted 3 but as far as what is on screen i cant agree that those look better or anything near as good i mean ive seen screens of how grand turismo games and grand theft auto games on ps2 vs the games with pure art and although those games looked the "best" probably on ps2, they didnt "...

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cause its only possible on ps3, show me something outside of photorealism graphics on pc that looks anything near uncharted or any ps3 top tier exclusive then id say uncharted could go to pc til then its only possible on ps3

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agreed, and i just happen to be from mississippi and my family too, so...

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something down south like mississippi or lousiana or arkansas, im tired of seeing the norm states and cities in movies games and the media like LA, and LA includes lots of areas in south western california, tired of seeing new york, tired of seeing even detroit and st louis and baltimore and dc, and miami and atlanta and memphis put some other cities on the map this game could start it all, if thats to much to ask atleast put a part of the game in one of these places

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yeah battlefield 3 your right nothing amazing about it and the thing about your footage killum is unlike uncharted series this pitiful battlefield pc or not has to depend on photorealism visual direction for its graphics which really isnt impressive while uncharted series and ps3 exclusive titles are pure art and still look like they do with uncharted series i get the "i cant believe its not cg" feeling but battlefield 3 i get the well i GUESS that photorealism graphics design is ok...

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well then next gen is a fail

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its like when i look at uncharted 3 and i look at all the "we need next gen" false alarms i laugh inside myself, i also laugh at dice with battlefield 3 and the pc superiority lol "next generation on the current generation hardware" well if thats true then uncharted 3 must really definitely deep in the next generation

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i know captain quark 9 and thats alot to be happy about since pc was the lead platform for the game

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the thing that my point is is that your expecting more of the same from sony and microsoft, the thing is since nintendo is no longer a challenger of theirs in their market, they no longer have to put a ceiling on how much powerful hardware they put in their machines they can even make them upgradeable, all the hate about ps3 and 360 this gen i am SURE sony and microsoft are fed up with your pc fanboyish comments fueled by the internets pc fanboys even developers are jumping on the pc fanboy s...

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people really believe pc will be more powerful and better graphics cause they think that sony and microsoft have to release low price hardware, but what happens if sony and microsoft merge or sony and microsoft develop 2 equal platforms and at the same price point? nintendo is no longer a challenger to them so pricing doesnt really need a ceiling any more i think sony and microsoft are really done with more of the same they are fully capable of realeasing a platform that can make any pc hardw...

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atleast that dinosaur is 1 new thing in bf3

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