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The first thing that came to mind when this was announced was differences between how Sony and Microsoft handled games like Portal 2.

On my PS3 I was able to play co-op with my friend while he played via steam and I played on my console. From what I remember, Microsoft refused to allow this cross play at the time.

If this opens up for the bigger AAA games, or even if a patch is released for some of the current games to allow this functionality, I'm curi...

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^^This! I completely agree. Having played essentially every version of Halo to date, I was pleasantly surprised with the beta.

The pace of the game and the movement mechanics are fantastic.

Looking beyond the obvious bugs with matchmaking (its a beta after all) I thought it showed a lot of promise.

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Rage as a game had lots of potential. For me the shining star was the engine.

I mainly picked up this game to see what the Tech5 engine was like. Really impressed and it's extremely scalable. Besides texture pop-in issues on previous generation consoles, the visuals were impressive.

Take the latest Wolfenstein - The game was practically identical on both the Xbone and PS4 @ 60fps.

This engine should be utilized in more games.

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Yes I noticed that actually. I wonder if it has to do with the video. Because only certain bits seem to have audio while most other actions seemed muted.

It made it seem very odd indeed.

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I'm not entirely sure where you guys are getting this impression from but the reason why the majority of the games were demoed on the PS4 was simply because Sony was able to get their dev kits out earlier and faster to more studios. These same studios had a chance to start working with their xb1 dev kits a few months after from my understanding.

So the unfortunate nature was that Microsoft took longer to get their kits out and also there were driver issues, sdk updates, ...

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Absolutely! Forza 5's cutout crowd is awful.

I think they should have just left people out completely and concentrated on other aspects of the game...

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In fear of getting downvoted like crazy, I wouldn't say that the ps3 version is "far superior" to that of the xbox in these screenshots.

That being said, the lighting and blacks definitely do look better on the PS3, lending to what appears to be sharper and higher resolution textures.

Again, superior... but not by FAR.

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For Call of Duty Ghosts, I was under the impression that it would be running on dedicated servers even for the xbox 360 version.

Then later it was announced that it would be a "mix" of dedicated servers and the usual p2p servers that we're used to for this series of games.

I only looked into it because I was playing with a friend and noticed an old friend coming along for the ride.... Host migration.

I was extremely displeased t...

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Eyebrows... Mustn't stare.

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Nothing intimidates more than when your voice gets so high only a dog can hear your smack talk...

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I've started to have a renewed sense of respect for Ubisoft as of late.

They seem to be getting their sh*t together with a whole slew of new/remakes coming out for the new generation.

They've has some fantastic titles in the past, and then they sort of fizzled out for a bit. While others, EA namely, just smothered the industry with a mixed bag of games ranging from ambitious, great, to downright awful.

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I whole heartedly disagree.

The Linux kernel and FreeBSD (BSD in general) are all amazingly efficient kernels that outshine Windows(NT kernel) in most scenarios. Speed, Stability, etc. But that can only take you so far, because the software written to work on top of that, the userland software, all play a big part in the performance of the machines.

The reason for gaming to be an issue on these particular platforms has nothing to do...

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I'm inclined to agree.

Hardware can only take you so far. It always boils down to the studios that actually develop the titles. This is the key point everyone keeps missing.

Take Nintendo for instance. They generally have what is concerned to be "under-powered" systems, especially when it comes to competing with the consoles put together by Microsoft and Sony. Yet the games they are able to produce still have some of THE BEST art directions and ...

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That title is awful, because he doesn't specifically talk about just the ps3. He also mentioned the xbox 360.

As much as people are hating on the xbox one these days and preferring the ps4 (I like em both for various reasons), the title leads the casual reader to believe that Carmack spoke only of the extra potential in the ps3, when in fact he's speaking about the Ps3 AND Xbox 360 and how developers still have room to try new things.

And lets be hone...

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Honestly, as much as I appreciate 60fps and it's my preferred console frame rate - for a game like this 30 fps without fluctuation would be completely acceptable for a title like this. Especially if they're able to bump up the visual quality to as high as possible.

1080p60fps would be lovely, 1080p30fps would still be fine.

The obsession with 60fps is something I never expected for the majority of games for the new generation, but 1080p was a given.

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The stuttering or juddering that Ghosts experiences on the PS4 is due to the frame rates EXCEEDING 60FPS, which actually affects the network code, which in turn causes what appears to be frames being dropped.

This is due to the engine it's using (q3 engine, although heavily modified).

I had the same issue years ago when I played Quake 3 regularly (rocket arena anyone?). I built a pretty sweet machine and uncapped the frame rate meter just for kicks to see...

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I think the trailer as a whole is nice, but there are some small things that bother me... mostly graphical irritations.

For instance, the tanks and bikes leave ZERO tread marks in the desert sand. Also there was a moment where I saw textures pop in.

I think that is a huge oversight...

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F5 numbers don't seem to be correct.

States two different numbers.

423,317 in the paragraph before the number chart and 355,148 in the actual chart.

vgchartz... accurate sh*t.

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Couldn't agree more.

The horrible spawning algorithm is one of my top two biggest issues with this franchise.

I don't care about all the people yammering on and on about the "dated" engine. I bet those are the same people playing Minecraft and not giving a shit about how it looks because they're enjoying actually playing the game.

The second issue is that so far the "dedicated" servers that are also provided ...

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