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@badz149 That is not the original meaning of woke. You used the madeup version a certain political group likes to use to hide their racism.

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As long as they take the Killzone2 formula. Adding actual weight to the characters and guns, the fluid evolving game modes, and the griddy industrial Helghast maps.

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I feel sorry for whoever plays shooters with the L1/R1 button.

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Aside from the shotguns and snipers which are 1 shot kills. Most of the time it seems like i'm already playing hardcore when it feel like I'm dying instatntly from a SCAR from 40 yards away. Then i watch the replay and I see i'm getting shot half a second before I see the enemy.

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@ActualEngineer I bought a Series X almost a year ago and you're wrong. Maybe if you would've said, "in my opinion," but you didn't. I play shooters with the L1/R1 to zoom and shoot. I can't do this with the Xbox controller because of the placement of the left stick, my finger always slips off the zoom button (LB).

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Can they work next on a feature which i can record more than 3 minutes of gameplay in 720P directly to the consoles hard drive.

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Its not the button layout. Its the location of the left thumbstick. My middle finger rest under the LT button and is really irritating the inner skin of my left middle finger. It was getting so bad a had to put a bandaid with folded piece of papertowel for cushion lol

Is going to take a little while to get used to it.

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I bought a Series X cause I couldn't find a PS5 :( It's going to take alot of splinters and getting used to the Xbox controller after 20 years of using a Playstation controller. I scratch my head as to why people think the Xbox controller is better... but to each its own.

I am enjoyig Halo Infinite though :)

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BFBC2 was not the only good campaign in the BF franchise. BF3 also had an awesome campaign that took you from Iraq to Iran to France and to NY. C'mon dude the tank mission, the rooftop rainy night sniping mission, the F15 Tomcat mission, the Russian SF mission in the mansion. Very underrated single player campaign. Not including the co-op missions, which is how many of my friends learned how to pilot the attack heli.

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If you like playing with nude characters in video games this story is for you. Otherwise who give a dump.

FYI people who go out their way to play nude characters in video games, have some issues.

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Woke: the new word for "hippie" and/or "swj"

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Honestly she looks more like a Alaskan native (Eskimo) to me.

To some people is about race. It's because some people listen to the Ben shapiro's and tucker carlson's telling them Hollywood is trying to cancel their Caucasian culture. So one small change in a Norwegian mythology drives them crazy.

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I think I heard on Gameranx that only 15% of the PS5 stock has gone to scalpers. Its millions but, it seems most PS5's are in gamers hands.

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You do know ted cruz is against $15hr minimum wage and unions. So you cant be the real ted cruz LOL

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Ah! the Phil Spence Propaganda machine. Pretty soon he will have his own gaming Fox news.

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cant wait to see those plastic looking car models hovering above the track on Forza motorsport in [email protected]

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BF3 DLC and the Vietnam DLC for BFBC:2. The only DLC I felt I didn't get ripped off.

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The last of Us Multiverse: Joel's Revenge

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They want "clustering," make another Close quarters DLC :)

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I don't who you talking to about "being well known on FB" I don't have any social media accounts. Its probably why you're confused about who's the real senile pedophile, cause you get your news from trash social media like FB

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