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I am a man of vision and power! I will continue to invest in the Playstation and make it like no other home console on the market!

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Ahhhhh The power of the PS3. Even with this game in alpha code form nothing the 360 can pump out will come close to this.

Playstation 3, one step ahead of the competition ;-P

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Watch as more companies do the same :D but this PS3 will still be gimped by the 360s limitations :(

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"Alan Wake Will Require More Than One Playthrough"

If the game doesnt bore you to sleep first ;-D!!!

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It actually has a maximum of 2TB since it uses a FAT32 system to format the drive ;-)

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Oh brokeboxes when will you realize sales dont matter :D "bu bu halo ODST sold MILLIONZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzz zz"

And yet it was a dull full priced expansion ;-D!!!!

But i understand chatboxes you have no games to play ;-P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

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"Xbox 360 Hardware Engineering teams"

Oh Dear ;-O!!! Red ring of failtal death? or just more of this....


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"Ultimately, does precision really matter?"

Yes ;-D!!!

Silly chatboxes trying to make excuses for the out of date tech of the Failtal ;D!

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On topic, hmm is it me or is using xbox live like living in North Korea ? ;-D!

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Well of course the 360 has been capped by Glitches of War and since the 360 is the lowest denominator of the PS3 and 360 the PS3 has to suffer due to the 360s inferiority. I will just stick to my god slaying GOD OF WAR!!!!!! ;-D!!!!!


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I am going to use one of the links supplied by OnlyOnN4G


And I am now going to get a link for Natal


As usual MS using out of date technology and not advancing and with the precision of the Arc there are 10x more possibilities compared to Natal which is...

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"party chat, in game music any day."

This shows the mentality of a 360 user they do not apresheate the quality of the music and cut-scenes all they are interested in is talking about what their Halo Wars stats used to be ;-D!!!!!or talking about the new glitch they found Glitches of War 2 is ;-D!!!

And even if the PS3 didnt have party chat or in-game music does that make up for the poor quality of the 360 version !! ;-D!!!!


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Wheres all the 360 exclusives ? ;-D!!!

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Compression ? Thats what made the 360 the worst version ;-D!!! Silly bots ;-D!!!!

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"bu bu bu blu ray iznt neededZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ "

All i can say is ROFL! oh M$ you really are idiots aren't you ?

"No need for Blu ray" the wise words from Greenberg ;-D !!!

Jump out chatboxes ;-D!!

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"We all know who is going to put the most money into advertising, and we all know who is going to come out more succesful in the long run.
sony needs to do something called .. erm ADVERTISE"

Regardless if Sony advertise or not what Sony make is 100% high quality equipment unlike M$!!!! ;-D !!!!

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@ MetalGearRising


All that need to be said ;-D!

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Your really scraping the bottom of the barrel arnt you bungie ? All these spins are pathetic ;-D!!!

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Oh bungie you desperate bot, is all this news getting to you ? ;-D !

The game running on a sub HD resolution, Like Halo, you should be used to this by now ;-D!!! and also Capcom blaming the 360s storage issues for their cut backs!

"Bu Bu Bu Bu YoU DoNt NeEdzZZz Blu RAyZZZzzzZZzzZZ"

PS3 it only does everything the 360 cant ! ;-D!

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