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Then the got too much of your money already.

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They dont want to increase the rate of End game rewards because the game have very little content and this is a loop hole to get people to continue playing.

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Really? Because other than high level specs that have been revealed how do you know the Scarlett is awesome? Same goes for the PS5.

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"With all due respect MS can buy nintendo 7 times or more and they need them?"
You dont really think things through huh? Xbox is a different division of Microsoft. If Xbox is not making money, what you think will happen to the gaming division (xbox)? Microsoft will shut it down. Lets just entertain you idea for a fraction of a moment. If Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo, who to say Nintendo will sell? Just because you want to buy something, doesnt mean ...

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So young. My condolences to his wife and child. I hope it was a peaceful passing.

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If these DLC doesnt impact the story im good. If they were to make Vincent, Yuffie, red XIII, etc a DLC, then i would have a problem. But these DLC's dont impact the story or the characters so as an incentive for pre-order, im ok with.

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They look like action figures and the faces are really off.

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Whats the difference, most games are half @$$ now a days and people still buy it.

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We're all adults here, we've heard and seen worst from a video game. So whats the problem? Why are people so sensitive. You're ok with the Avalanche team launching what most people would call a terrorist attack on Shinra but god forbid them swearing while doing it?

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Been awesome if they included an original gameboy.

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Its not padding, they are diving deeper into the story that we havent seen before.

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The original game took 3 disks and the game is basically a open world RPG once you reach a certain point in the game. So you want the developers to re-create the entire FF7 world and stories in one go? Even MCU have to break their movies into multiple installments.

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“The business (gaming) isn’t how many consoles you sell”. This maybe true in the future but dont you have to establish the reputation that you (MS) can make great games in order for the business to succeed? with MS track record vs Sony's track record, i would say that Sony is winning that business (gaming) model. You cant have a business if you have less than stellar products for the consumers.

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I collect Play Arts figure and i disagree with your statement. I currently own about 40 figures (favorite one i own is the Magneto Play Arts Kai Variant) and none of them have paint issues like you claim. But they maybe the Mass Effects one, i own marvel, Final fantasy, DC, Resident Evil, and a few Kingdom hearts. The only thing i can say about play Arts figure is that some of the joints are loose.

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What?!? Play arts makes one of the most detailed figures in the industry. These are meant for display and not meant to be played. I own a lot of them and i can tell you that some of these figures are worth a lot. The one in the 1st class edition, I think may go for a lot more later because its exclusive only through Square Enix.

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Sony did it in an article, MS did it during one of the biggest venue of the year and still didnt do anything spectacular. If you have the stage to yourself, you know its time for you to shine. MS turn the lights down and disappear.

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Its kind of hard to lose when your competitor (sony) is not going to be at E3.

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even if Anthem went free to play, there is nothing in Anthem for players to play. At least Destiny 2 have some DLC and expansions.

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If this was the case, i dont think Microsoft would go into the console business and Sega as a console would still be around.

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Did you not read? He said, if you dont have a pro yet.
For those who have been waiting to get a PS4, I think this is a very good deal. unfortunately i have a pro and majority of the games already.

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