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There is no such quote the reports. Only thing about 17% is More Personal computing which again is not only Xbox.

As shown in your picture in your article - https://zhugeex.com/wp-cont...

Edit - Your're right quote was in performance segment -

"Hardware sales down 17%" - This is wrong. That was for More personal computing overall(Which is Xbox, Surface, Bing, etc) there was no amount given to how much in percentage it dropped - https://view.officeapps.liv... http://www.microsoft.com/gl...

Edit pic...

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"October" - This one should be a real battle. Still give the edge to XB1 but holidays did year will be close between the two unlike last in US.

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I purpose a new name for this site.

- thisclickbait.com

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They may be but using toilet tier source in anyway doesn't help

"VGChartz isn’t the best source for hardware sales data, but we’re going to use it to model some of the numbers as we don’t have the data from Microsoft. The outlet estimates that about 8.5M units of the Xbox One were sold between July 2014 and June 2015, the period we’re looking at."

Edit - If only one day people will stop taking titles as gospel...

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Just wanted to laugh at StrayaKNT comment but ....


"BC probably isn't as hard as Microsoft makes it out to be." - Right which is why all Xbox games had BC on Xbox 360, why there is emulator for all consoles on PC, emulator for all PS2 games on PS3 even with PS2 CPU with the console in the earlier revision... oh wait.

"The true genius of Xbox One BC is the Xbox One OS. It was designed to do this from day one. It...

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"Also, he's been often right about firmware releases" - You mean he's often just restated official news or things from place. And all the times he's been wrong as well. Remember E3 or was it gamescom all those games he said would be there and thatgamecompany yh....

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"It's been scarce at Gamescom since they weren't even there." - Are you a journalist or what?? They had the biggest showfloor space how were they not there....

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Destiny 2.0

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Is the Cycle complete yet...?

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"- Non-custom keyboard #2: WildArmed
- Custom keyboard #1: Emilio_Estevez

PS4 Console w/Game Codes: WildArmed

Xbox One Bundle: Emilio_Estevez"

Hmmmm so how much did you guys paid ;)... Really though congrats or your amazing luck :)

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Like Thief framerate was... ;)

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"Of course it hasn't, just the potential is amazing."

Original comment - "can actually influence more PC developers"

....As long as it's not the primary input method it will not see a long of support.

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Without operating income revenue increase(which is great) doesn't necessarily transit to profit.

"Operating income is a measure of profitability that tells investors how much revenue will eventually become profit for a company

Operating Income = Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Labor, and other day-to-day expenses "

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If I win I promise to be a Viking some day ;)

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"never thought that a simple enabling of Mouse and keyboard can actually influence more PC developers to port their games to Xbox" - It hasn't. At least not yet.

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"By sloppy seconds I was referring to the developers who made deals with other systems before bringing the game to Xbox... Sloppy seconds, because they 'got into bed' with someone else first..." - Yet if they do those deals it's all fine with them.

" I think that request is reasonable, and the whole issue is overblown." - It is reasonable but it shouldn't be a requirement because it costs money to develop new content. Content that is only...

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Yet it needed explanation... Title is wrong. There is still a clause Phil just wants to negativity around it gone. Something that doesn't supposedly exist wouldn't need detailed info on how it works. Much like how you don't see them calling dedicated servers the cloud now.

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No it's not. Neither Sony or Nintendo requirement you to make "unique content" if you have made a deal with MS in the past.

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