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It honestly just sucks to buy a console in 2021.
In 2014, people just went to a store and bought one or had one set aside because they preordered like usual.
Now it's almost exclusively done online, where the demand and supply keeps being snubbed by people who are using bots to resell at higher value than MSRP.
I'm not saying gamers aren't getting consoles, clearly they are, but the fact that 10 million GAMERS do not have active PS5's to play unless ...

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Well considering lots of people will be playing via Gamepass, having them release close together means that people won't really have to decide which one to buy vs. the other. They can just play both when in different moods.
Whoever buys them will have two great games with tons to do in them to last them for the entire holiday season and likely well beyond the holiday season.
Nobody really loses depending how people choose to consume the content whe...

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Dominated is a decent term for back when Xbox One couldn't even sell 3 to 1 against PS4.
Series consoles are already doing better than 3 to 1 against PS5.
It's more like 1.8 to 1, or even 2.5 to 1 in some markets. But overall it's not quite
accurate to say "dominated" in my opinion.

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The small Thumbnail pic of from the homepage looked like a Massive pink phallus piercing the horizon.
A true sky-scraper.

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Sounds like Devs having free "competition" means they should "git gud" so to speak. If people can do amazing stuff like this for free, (whether or not these projects become more than videos or playable demos to be shared for free etc..) then these companies with tons of money for tons of projects should spend some of that money on actually DOING exciting things, instead of using it to sue others for showing their skills and fandom.

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It will pro ably be the thing that convinces my GF to play 100% thru the game. She is actually good at Fortnitw and Apex, but gets discouraged from single player games for some reason.
I think more games could benefit from the simple option to be much easier.
Not for me, personally, but I can see it helping more people have options to enjoy the game.

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Sure it would. The exploration and random factor is still there, right? It just wouldn't be tough as nails. That is kinda the appeal of some games tho. But some people would enjoy it either way.

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No. Being a fan of something should not mean only enjoying what is sold to you as a consumer.
Consumers projects and works of art should be inspiring to the creators.
As long as these things are not SOLD without the Creator/ip holder's opinion or making MONEY for people and are done for free, it shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise every tattoo artist should be sued for every single Kermit the Frog, Darth Vader etc.. etc.. ever inked on someone. Every cake. Every drawi...

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Completely agree this was meh as heck for a state of play.

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1up Mushrooms as achievements.
So you can one-up your friends by unlocking more of them!

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Bethesda games are first party permanently. Don't forget that

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General? As in less than 10 percent of the PC gamer base?

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Are you dumb?
How is 7 million Halo 3 copies sold on day one niche?
How is 80+ million copies sold within the Halo Franchise so far, Niche?

It's a Blockbuster Behemoth Franchise, no matter if YOU like it or not.

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IMO, Beyonce honestly fell off almost as soon as she was no longer in Destiny's Child.
She's a great singer but she just didnt have that good of songs on her own imo.

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Tons of games have heroes who do over the top crazy stuff to alter the universe/world they are cast in. Get over it.

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What part the younger crowd isn't into shooters? Like 5 percent of kids?
Okay, so we can simply forget that 5 percent... it's not for them anyway.

I really think Halo is already going to do just fine with the younger crowd this time around. Being free to play and having tons of cosmetics will keep it fresh for people who like customization.

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Do more than just Skyward Sword for Zelda's 35th anniversary, sell the Game and Watch for like 30 bucks not 50, Do a Metroid Prime Bundle on Switch.. Not keep a legit Mew locked behind the pokeball+ controller... there are so many many things they do that convey an air of "Our kid friendly games sell no matter what, so we can charge whatever we want" I love Nintendo, but they really are money grubbers.

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Oh well. Either be a multi platform gamer or deal with it

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Damn. Haha stupid article.

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There isn't a bunch. That's the whole problem. Oh wait you meant friends who don't have one?
Yeah They could do a better job getting consoles to the actual gamers instead of scalpers.

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