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This reminds me of rumor of Nero being Vergil's son situation. Even though that's so totally OOC of Vergil. Nero is just as hated maybe even moreso.

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While i don't think its necessarily stupid, rich or even brave to buy a piece of electronics equipment. Whatever a person does with their money is their business. Also, i don't know why you think it hurts the industry, since early adopters will eventually spread word of mouth to others that the console is worth purchasing and thus Sony and Microsoft can gain profit out of the licensing fees of the games that are released for their consoles.

As for me, while i don'...

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I wish they would make a sequel. I love this game. The level design was superb, so was the music.

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@DragonKnight So just because she's a woman (a woman, singular) as long as one woman think its okay then that doesn't deem this character isn't sexually objectified? Misogyny isn't an Only Male thing ya know. Women can be misogynistic to. Though i'm not saying Nihon is misogynistic she doesn't see the blatant favoritism for the male gaze and why companies keep making characters like these. The Producer's comments make that even more blatantly so.


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@NihonjinChick: Yeah because you speak for all women... You have no idea what you're talking about and you're overgeneralizing.

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If only it came to the US with the great localization Sengoku Basara 3 had. Oh well...import and reading up FAQS translations.

Hope Mitsunari, Magoichi and Tsuruhime are still in it.

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@ Dragon: You are not a DmC fan, you are a DMC fan. You have made your case more then well known here, so i don't know why you continue to troll other people who find this game interesting or at least optimistic about it. I think alot of people already know that some of the original series fans do not like this game. But that is only a select few, they don't speak for anyone else. And last i heard you weren't voted for as the spokesperson for the original DMC fanbase.

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@Asim: Some countries don't have Gameflys' to rent games from. And also, he can always send it back for a refund or sell the game online. He doesn't have to stay stuck with a game that he finds out is bad. But the question is, i wonder why he didn't make a judgement for the demo. But whatever. Its none of our business what he spends him money in.

@Dragon: Why do you compel yourself to troll in every article pertaining to DmC? I thought you said in another ar...

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Who are you to tell anyone what to do with there money?

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I find it ironic that he says no one cares but yet he obviously cares alot if he's commenting on it. one cares huh? HA!

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DmC is not RE 6 though. And even if Hackers found some locked stuff, so what? Its not like everyone can play it anyone. But whatever...keep on complaining, that's what the DMC fanbase has amounted to anyway.

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And nobody will care because they either won't buy it or will buy it. And in most scenarios they will buy it.

BTW someone from Capcom said the DLC won't be on the disc

Guess you're gonna have to demonize Capcom another day.

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@Jc48573 But not alot of people want to spend more money and they want to play the game ASAP. Its fine if you want to wait for the GOTY or the PC version, but those editions only come along if the vanilla edition sells enough. Because if it doesn't there's no GOTY and probably the PC version will be canceled if sales aren't up to there projections.

Don't get me wrong, i like owning the hard copy myself, but in this day and age where digital is everything, alo...

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Not Day 1 DLC
Don't use the DT then (even tho DT is suppose to make you overpowered)
Play in a harder mode
Subjective but whatever
60fps is gonna be on the PC version so this complaint is invalid
Play a harder mode
DMC 4 didn't offer anything vastly new either besides Nero's DB and Red Queen ability and Dante's on the fly switching which should've been in DMC 3 but because the PS2 had less RAM they didn't implement it. It...

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He meant the MAIN game. This is a side-story/mission. And of course they're gonna offer DLC, ya know Capcom aren't the only ones who do DLC other companies do as well. Publishers don't have to spell everything out for you, its common sense nowadays to expect it.

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Ya know DLC is optional you don't have to buy it. Also, this is a pre-order DLC, you can get it for free ya know. Also its only $8.99 which is much cheaper then what the DMC 3 SE cost at the time which was $30 or $40. Or ya know, wait for the PC version which probably will have all the DLC.

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You guys do realize that NT had a story made for HS but in the end its not up to them whether they wanted to work on Heavenly Sword or not. I'm sure they did especially since they had a story ready for HS 2, why wouldn't they want to continue a series they created and make money. Sony is the publisher and what they say goes, and they didn't think that HS sold good enough or was a good investment at the time. Because so far we haven't heard a peep from them concerning HS 2. ...

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Both are offensive and stupid.

Edit: What's the purpose of showing the boobs of Ivy and Voldo's junk? It doesn't speak well of the game with advertising like that. Its stupid and juvenile. Show all of the character and not emphasized there private parts which have nothing to do with the actual game.

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Weird how people keep saying "It's just a video game" but the the gaming community wants games to be taken seriously and not be stereotyped as only aiming at nerdy teen boys who haven't touched a woman at all. Good luck with that happening if characters like these are the norm.

Anyway, yes its a video game, but the design of this character is atrocious. Resident Evil's character design has gone down hill. Chris looks like a stupid steroid freak and Jill...

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@Cpt_Kitten: How can you comment on his attitude when he hasn't spoken not one line of dialogue in both trailers? Nor has he interacted with any other character?

And Dante didn't always have Rebellion. Remember DMC 1 where he started off with Force Edge and then onto Alastor and finally the Sparda sword.

Also, its never stated how he got his guns. And i have no idea where you thought they were forged in Hell. That wasn't said in any of the games....

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